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Where Are They Now?

What some of the past members are doing now, which hopefully will include writings from lots of famous people such as Kirsty Young (who was only here for a short time but I am sure will be more than happy to help).  Other less famous people might include Louise Dunn, John Keilty, David Jenkins, Chris Traquair, Lesley sharp and the list goes on. so stay posted to this page 'cause it's gonna be good!!


It took a lot of convincing to get me to go to the youth Theatre for the first time, the people that went there wore dark clothes and had funny haircuts... Oooooooh Scary!!

But I realised after that first night that appearances count for nothing, which is probably the most important thing the theatre taught me.

I only actually appeared in one play with the Youth Theatre, it was called "Sweeney Todd". For those of you who don't know, it's about a barber who kills his clients and sells the bodies to the butcher next door to put in her meat pies!! Lovely Mmmmmm!!

Now, I never had a big part, I had around 7 small parts and I didn't always make it on stage on time, I have to say a big sorry to the young man who was covered in egg on the first night because I forgot I had to be on stage. Whoops!

The joy of Cumbernauld youth theatre is you can be whatever you want to be, there is no judgement, no rules, as such, to abide by and best of all no fashion junkies!! Let's face it, not everyone can afford or wants to wear Gucci all the time.

Where am I now? Well... after a very turbulent few years, I find myself a regional manager for an Internet Training company, covering all of Central London. And I have to say that I can attribute some of my success to the theatre.

Why? Well Cumbernauld Youth Theatre taught me that to go somewhere and do something you have to get your head down and do it, no pussy-footing around and never dwell on what people think of you.

I made a lot of friends at the theatre, two of whom I count as the closest friends someone could have, I mean, not everyones friends want to climb into bed with them do they Alan?!

There have been a lot of famous success' come from Cumbernauld Youth Theatre, but more importantly it's the success you don't see that counts, the people that have not gone and done anything on TV or Radio, but the ones who have been inspired to go give something a try that they'd be otherwise scared to do.

I owe Cumbernauld Youth Theatre a big thank you, and always try to visit the group whenever I make it back to Scotland, I might not know the faces but I certainly know why they are there and what they like about the theatre everyone else that attends.

Heres to many more years of success for CYT and the people it inspires.

By Eddie Green
Ex Youth Theatre Member (you
probably worked that out though eh?)

MC who?
The other night when I was on the night bus home I met someone that use to come to The Youth theatre and he said, "I really regret leaving, but it seemed like a good idea at the time." and I suggested he comes back but I think he was just saying what every ex-youth theatre member says when:
1. It was their choice to leave...
2. They are talking to someone who is still there.

The person I met was called Martin Campbell I don't know if many people remember him but I told him about the site and he asked if I would put him in the "where are they now" section so here it is...

Martin Campbell was a part of the youth theatre between the plays, 'When I was your age ", in which he played a small boy playing hide and seek, and Nearly "Sweeny Todd" (I say nearly Sweeny Todd 'cause he left during this play because he felt he didn't get a good enough part).

Martin is now going to be a Biology Teacher at his old school (Greenfaulds High School) so don't send your kids there!!!  Only joking he is only 19 years old and has got a career marked out for him and I say good on ya Martin 'cause even if he isn't acting for a living he is still performing in a way!

Written by Corin (Boffin#3)

kevin and martin2.jpg (19485 bytes)Martin is the blond one (no not the dog!)
Photo taken at "Just Kiddin' kids festival in 1994