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Blue Shield

Character Transformations 






Biographical Data 
Real Name: Joseph Cartelli 
Aliases: None 
Dual Identity: Secret 
Current Occupation: Security director for Project: Pegasus 
Former Occupation: Crimefighter masquerading as a mobster 
Citizenship: United States of America 
Legal Status: No Criminal Record 
Place of Birth: Bronx, New York 
Marital Status: Single 
Known Relatives: Frank and Anita Cartelli (father and mother) 
Current Group Membership: Project: Pegasus 
Former Group Membership: Barrigan crime family 
Extent of Education: High School Graduate
Physical Description 
Height: 6' 
Weight: 180 lbs. 
Eyes: Blue 
Hair: Brown 
Other Distinguishing Features: None
Powers and Abilities 
Intelligence: Normal 
Strength: Enhanced Human 
Speed: Enhanced Human 
Stamina: Enhanced Human 
Durability: Metahuman 
Agility: Enhanced Human 
Reflexes: Enhanced Human 

Fighting Skills: Streetfighting techniques, boxing, judo, gymnastics 

Special Skills and Abilities: None 

Superhuman Physical Powers: Ability to generate a protective force field around his body which enables him to withstand heat, punctures, concussion and extreme temperatures, the precise limits of which were unrevealed.  The force field also filters our unwanted particles in the air giving him immunity to gases and phermones. 

Superhuman Mental Powers: None 

Special Limitations: None 

Source of Superhuman Powers: Formely, the Blue Shield wore a microcircuity lined belt of unrevealed origin and power source which artifically enhanced his physical powers and generated a force field around his body.  Long-term exposure to the belt's fiels has apparently altered his genetic structure and he no longer needs the belt to produce these effects.

Costume Specifications: Formely synthetic stretch fabric, currently armor 
Personal Weaponry: None 
Special Weaponry: None 
Other Accessories: None but the armor may augment his abilities, allow him more control over his powers or some other unknown use. 
Transportation: Various 
Design and Manufacture of Paraphernalia: The identity of the designer of his original force-field apparatus has not yet been revealed.  His new armor is thought to be the creation of Project: Pegasus or a variation of the Guardsman armor.
First Appearance: Dazzler #5 
Origin Issue: Dazzler #5 
History:  Click on the title to see a cover scan. 
Dazzler #5: Along side Dazzler, fought mobsters. 
Dazzler #14: Almost shot accidently at a Dazzler concert.  Beat-up the shooter. 
Contest of Champions #3: Just a pic of him on one of the pages.
Captain America #352: Attempted to join the Avengers 
Quasar #8: Resigned as security director from Project: Pegasus 
Marvel Super Heroes Vol. 3 #3: Reinstated as Pegasus security director 
Avengers Vol. 3 #3: Still Pegasus security director