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robot1.jpg (17816 bytes)Name: Very First Robot (RB-23P)

History: Though not the first robot to attend an 1824Techno show, the RB-23P has a place in the hearts of all of the old school fans for being the mainstay of many early shows in 1824 Techno's resurgence in the latter half of the 1990's.   Doctor Roliman found the RB-23P while on a tropical cruise wading to Florida from communist Cuba in 1965. It was yelling "Freedom!" in Russian while it slowly sank to the bottom of the sea.  Luckily, Doctor Roliman managed to prevent RB-23P's death by throwing a harpoon into its side and pulled it on board.  With the damaged created by the harpoon repaired and its voice processors changed to English, the RB-23P was ready for service with 1824 Techno

Weight: 1.12 tons

Height: 7 ft 00 in

Power Plant: 2 petrol-powered Krasnayorsk radial engines (212 hp each)

Armaments: 2 short-range 20mm cannon on arm extensions, 1 "human flesh grater (taken from a Soviet maintenance manual found in1992)" attached to torso

Special Notes: The RB-23P, originally of Soviet origin, was decades ahead
of American robot development.  It featured integrated power plants, smooth
ammunition feeds, advanced processors, and airtight fuel sources.  It is
rumored that the "P" in the name stands for "prototype".  If that is the
case, 1824 Techno had at one time owned the most advanced robot in the
world, a leader in the Cold War.

Present day: While playing a show at Jillian Schumacher's Resort and Spa on
Honey Lake, the RB-23P was attempting to whip up the crowd when a signal
was sent to it via the former Soviet Union.  It repeated over and over in
Russian, "Must return home, must return home."  Given no other option,
1824Techno and their fans smashed the robot in hopes of finding a way to
remove its message receiver.  This was unsuccessful, and RB-23P was given
up as scrap thereafter.