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Arado AR-234B Blitz

The Arado AR-234B was the first jet-engined bomber to be used in WWII.
It was a high wing twin engine jet reconnaissance-bomber powered by two Jumo 004B engines.The first prototypes of this plane flew in 1941.
The pilot was helped in the bombing operations by a Lofte bombsight for level bombing operations. As bomber and reconnaissance aeroplane it was so fast that no allied fighter could intercept it. Therefore it only had rear defense weapons.(A RF2C periscope above the cockpit with aiming sight for rear firing 20mm MG 151 cannons.
In 1945, during the last weeks of the war, some 234 B “Blitz” were modified to be used for the night defense in the Berlin area. It was the Arado 234 B-2/N Nachtigall (nightingale).
Most of the planes were used with the "Kampfgeschwader" KG 76 for bombing missions.

Technical Data:
Dimensions:Span 14,2 m (46 ft,3.5 in.);Length 12,65m (41 ft,5.5 in);Height 4,3m(14 ft,1,25 in)
Weights:Empty 5200Kg (11,464lbs) Loaded 8410Kg(18,541lbs) Maximum 9850Kg (21,715lbs)
Performance:Two Junkers Jumo 004B axial turbojets with 900Kg (1,980lb) trust
Maximum speed 752 Km/h (461 mph); Ceiling 10.000m (32,800ft); Range 1630Km (1,013 miles)
Arment:Bombloads up to 1500Kg (3,300lb)

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