Photo from left to right: James Day III, Veneta Angelique Day, William E. Cooke holding Arthur Cooke
taken July 1924.

   The Day family are one of the big mysteries on my father's side of the family. There are gaps and incomprehensible connections all through the family tree.The mystery starts with James Day,Esq, the patriarch of the family and ends with my great grandmother, Veneta Angelique Day pictured above.
I hope that someone who sees this web page will be able to fill in some of the blanks. As with most genealogical studies this is a work in progress.You can help me by examining the data and letting me know if you find errors or if you can fill in missing info. Click on the Day family to view.

James Day,Esq.

      James Day ,esq. is a man of mystery. I was not able to find out where he came from although I have his will written days before his death. The critical part of his will read " I , James Day of -----" was obscured by someone who spilt a bottle of ink on two lines of this will at some later date.
   James Day was a prominent citizen in the community but the only reference to his death was written in the margin on the last page of the church records for l833.
    James Day was born in 1767 in the Isle of Wight. He had a brother William who died sometime before 1833 in Emsworth which is on the border of Hampshire and Sussex counties in England.William had a son James who had a daughter Maria who was in Quebec in March l833 when the will was written.This is part of the problem that family historians have with the Day family. All the boys were named James John or William. All the girls were named Maria,Angelique or Sophia.Adding to the mystery and confusion is the fact that James Day II married Maria Day who may have been the Maria daughter of James and granddaughter of William of Emsworth and therefore his cousin.
    The first we hear of James Day,Esq. is in a letter written in 1791 by Charles Robin the merchant and shipping tycoon. He says that he has engaged James to come over to Paspebiac to repair and build ships for  Charles Robin & Co. Nothing more is heard of him until 1819 when James petitioned for 50 acres of land  in lot No69 in Hope Town. He had purchased the land from Robert Watson in 16 April 1811.

 James Day Esq.'s wife, Angelique Lebrasseur is another mystery. She could not write and she needed to have the notary explain the contents of the will to her in French in order for her to understand. How did a lady with little English end up marrying a man who undoubtly had a thick British accent. Where and when they were married is unknown. Click here to see generation #2 Here is what is known about Angelique's family, the LEBRASSEURS.

 James Day's brother William died in Hampshire,England before 1833. This is a death index for Hampshire for the name DAY.
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