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NX-74205's Star Fleet Tactical Page-The Continuation Of The Federation/Dominion War!!!

Welcome (Civilian) To The New And Improved NX-74205's Star Fleet Tactical Page. This Site Is A Continuance Of Deep Space Nine's Legend, And It's Purpose Is A Memorial For The Federation/Dominion War Of 2373-2375. There Are Bios, Information, And Graphics On Everyone From The Federation As Well As The Dominion. Several New Pages Have Been Made At Several Requests. Space Has Also Been Reduced On The Homepage By Relocating Certain Graphics ANd links. This Site Has Recieved Awards, And Controls Four Origional Web Rings. Not Only That, I (The Web Master), Have Added A New, Interactive Deep Space Nine Message Board For Discussion As Well As An Anit-Voyager Page, And There Is Also A New Dominion War RPG In Operation. Please Enjoy, And Take Your Time Going Through This Site. May Deep Space Nine Live FOREVER!!!
Welcome, My Son!!!

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NX-74205's Star Fleet Tactical Page Is A Non-Profit Site Purely For Entertainment. Star Trek And All Related Topics Are The Property Of Paramount Pictures, Okay!

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