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The Path to True Love

Scott and I met online in October of 1997. After about a month of chatting we realized that our common interests and ideals were leading towards our falling deeply in love. When we realized that this was more than just a friendship, we sent each other videos, photos, started writing to each other, and talking on the telephone. All these things made us even more certain that what we had was real and how fortunate we were to find each other. Naturally, our families were a little hesitant about the situation but I constantly assured them that Scott and I were in love and that meeting physically would just be the last step in a relationship that was so perfect I knew it would all turn out fine...after all, we ARE soulmates *s* Scott ventured the courage to ask his parents if I could stay with them when I came to visit and they tentatively agreed to a couple weeks (I think they wanted to see if this was true love). While I visited the States I also wanted to meet some other friends with whom I'd been chatting online, and I was fortunate enough to meet four of them.
Anyway, once I arrived our love just grew stronger every day and I spent my entire three months living with Scott and his family. I have to admit, it felt like a three month honeymoon because we spent so much time together. Scott had just been finishing his Masters in Material Science Engineering so I would accompany him almost every day to Uni (he was done with classes, just needed to complete his experiments etc for his thesis). It was the most wonderful time of my life.
After returning to Australia, Scott and I decided we just couldn't be apart for any longer than necessary. We found out the correct way to go about getting married was to use the K1 visa route. The thought of being separated for a few months hurt both of us deeply, but at least we knew that at the end of it, everything would be legal and we'd be together forever. Thus begins our K1 timeline so read on.

At my beloved's is the number to call in the US if you want the fiancee visa forms sent out to you. 1-800-870-3676

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that all the information in this web page is intended as a guide only from my own experiences. If you are not sure about something, use as many sources as possible to make sure you are getting the correct information. If you see anything contained in my web page that is incorrect, please let me know and I apologize if you are in any way misled by incorrect information.

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