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Includes: Hatch's Perennials + NODGeo
HITS (House, Interior, Tropical, and Succulent Plants)
PAULI + Ornamentals Quarterly (all new issues)

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NORL $99 SUPERPACK -  some of you challenged us to provide more data (now 6GB+) and all those thousands of screen-wide, high-res images for less. We found a way to do it and for less than the former $130 NORL 2 package!

Unlike NORL 1 and 2, our files are no longer menu-based because so many people use portable devices. You can put these files on all the devices YOU own - for example, an office laptop, iPhone, and nook.

This license applies to just one user or an institutional library.

If you do not have Microsoft Excel or a compatible spreadsheet application, you will need to download the free, reliable Open Office Calc to use a few of the files.

And you get NODGeo, our geophyte (bulb, corm, tuber) resources too as well as the latest ORNAMENTALS QUARTERLY issues as a bonus.

$99.00 US per year. Paypal will give you a local currency conversion if paying by another system.

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Cultivar Name Thesaurus - handy, useful guide to help us think up new, creative names for cultivated plant varieties or cultivars. This is a revised version of the original 1997 file.

Please visit: CultivarThes.html

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Coleus Central - Links to the new free HITS Coleus volumes with hundreds of names and cultivar descriptions with high-res photos.

Please visit: ColeusCentral.html

Genus Central - Links for the best, most complete cultivar checklists for ornamental plants. Resources include free downloadable articles, book purchase links, article purchase links, free online cultivar registries, plant evaluation/trial studies, modern cultivar DNA indentifcation papers, online databases, nursery catalog references, free ebooks, Google Patents pre-searched for genus,  and much more.

Please visit: GenusCentral.html
New PDF journal on new plants, horticultural taxonomy, garden history, and much more. This helps us get out content quicker and include longer articles. The majority of our free content will now be in this quarterly format.

Older issues are free to the public and the most recent issues are automatically available with subscription to the Superpack, CWP, or HITS.

Please visit  ornq.html
HATCH'S PERENNIALS is based on PDF format so can be loaded on your phone, tablet, book reader, netbook, laptop, and any computer for taking with you everywhere plants are found. But this is not just an ultra-portable reference but it contains huge, high-res digital of 700-1250 pixels wide.

HP 3.0 has more cultivars than other leading perennial guides, including 177 Achillea, 192 Agapanthus, 70 Agastache, 109 Ajuga, 254 Canna, 52 Colocasia, 103 Echinacea, 115 Epimedium, 115 Ep[imedium, 900+ Hosta, 28 Juncus, 118 Miscanthus, 125 Monarda, 766 Phlox, 365 Salvia, 226 Sedum, and 57 Tricyrtis - all of these names verified and carefully documented by a leading horticultural taxonomist.

And one more thing....you get updates for an entire year!

Annual Subscription: $25.00
until July 2014 only
Price will become $32 in August 2014

HATCH'S CULTIVARS OF WOODY PLANTS (CWP)  is widely regarded as the most complete encyclopedia of tree, shrub, and vine cultivars ever written. Based of horticultural taxonomist Larry Hatch's 35 years of study, this massive reference includes thousands of high-res images and 20-230% more cultivars than leading references in most genera.

CWP not only offers detailed descriptions but includes individual cultivar histories, literature references, selected clickable nursery links (new cultivars), and identification charts and keys based on original research. The monograph THE REDBUDS is included and covers over 91 taxa of Cercis. Cultivar counts include 59 Abelia, 1031 Acer, 159 Aucuba, 207 Buddleia, 31 Clethra, 188 Cornus kousa, 109 Fagus, 103 Ginkgo, 60 Nandina., and 224 Viburnum.

To add conifers to CWP please order PINETUM NOVUM.

$49.00 for one year access.
PINETUM NOVUM is the most complete portable PDF Conifer Enycyclopedia ever written and is the product of Mr. Hatch's 35 years devoted to conifer research, culminating in his 1983 Master of Science Degree on the Taxonomy of Juniperus horizontalis cultivars. He studied 53 cultivars and now PINETUM NOVUM has 94 in that low, durable species. Why would we need another conifer encyclopedia? Because this one is the most complete for many genera including 207 cultivars (298 names) in Cryptomeria, 41 Metasequoia, 93  Sciadopitys cultivars (by far a new record), 44 Sequoia, 85 Sequoiadendron, more than 400 Thuja/Platycladus, 354 Taxus, and more than 687 Juniperus cultivars. Our section on Juniperus virginana and J. scopulorum alone is 75 pages of 8 x 10 size. Our Pinus cultivar section is 60.2 megabytes (in three download-friendly volumes) so many are the descriptions and photos.

PINETUM NOVUM is not just a listing of names with links to Google images. It is not a checklist because 98% of the named taxa are described in rich detail and with Mr. Hatch's attention to nomenclature as a much respected Horticultural Taxonomist. Many hundreds of high-res digital images (most 1000-1250 pixels wide) are original and show rare specimens not before found or known about. It is the go-to reference of many curators, plant evaluation experts, collectors, and researchers around the world. For starters we have 27% more cultivars than the recent RHS Encyclopedia of Conifers. PINETUM NOVUM is portable in PDF so it goes on just about every phone, tablet, book reader, netbook, laptop, desktop, or other device you have - about 334 different systems in all. It can go with you to the nursery, garden center, garden/arboretum, or client's home. This offer includes the GARDEN JUNPERS monograph also offered separately.

Annual Subscription: $25.00

An affordable 400+ page preview of the big, bad, mega-reference on interior plants coming in 2017
HITS: EARLY PREVIEW EDITION is your best guide ever to house, interior, tropical, and succulent plants before the much awaited completition of this massive 1000+ page work in 2017. It has been 30 years since A.B. Graf wrote his amazing Exotica and there are thousands of cultivars that have arrived since. We cannot begin to compete with the great Mr. Graf but the world does need an update to use alongside his world-changing reference.

Why buy early? Because nothing in any medium can touch the depth of research offered in our 2013-15 preview. You will also have exclusive access to comment on the contents and submit any changes or additions to our scientific editors - and we know many of you asking about this work are experts in more than one genus. Thirdly, the new early view edition has material available before to society members. Your subscription price will be added 100% to the research fund to complete the remaining pages. Inorder to complete the project, the editors have all agreed to defer their royalties until completion in 2017.

For more background on the unfolding HITS project, some of it's imaging advances and goals please visit this page:

2013-2015 Subscription: $59.00 (does not include 2017 or subsequent finalized edition.

NODgeo stands for New Ornamentals Database Geophytes, covering plants with bulbs, tubers, corms, and other underground, specialized structures. The term geophyte is the scientific term for this collective of plants popularly lumped under the name term bulb.

NODgeo is only offered through the $99 Superpack and contains thousands of bulb species and cultivars.

The general Bulb Module covers many genera while the LILIUM-DB, Tulipa-DB, and Gladiolus Cultivar Checklist take the form of Excel or Open Office Calc spreadsheets, allowing selection by name, cultivar group, flower color, color pattern, and sometimes originator and date of origination. Best of all, these spreadsheets can be modified by you, new plants added, and even a collection managed by adding new columns.

Our Canna Checklist file is legendary, covering hundreds of new to old cultivars with tons of historical research and scans from important documents.
The 100% Free Database to the Best 2000 African Violets in the world
Why use Pauli? It's free, frequently updated, has registered and unregistered cultivars, and is reviewed by a horticulturist taxonomist and Saintpaulia experts for accuracy. It is the ONLY AFRICAN VIOLET DATAFILE ANYWHERE that works on PC and Mac platforms, any laptop, netbook, Blackberry, nook, Kindle, Sony Bookreader, Palm, iPad, "clouds" like Google Fusion Tables, Google Docs, and nearly any phone including iPhone and Droid. You can modify it many ways for your projects including trade, sale, want, show, and collection lists. Now your AV data goes everywhere you and your plants  go!
Visit Pauli.html

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