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The Hot Rod Page
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The Hot Rod Page


Come back soon! I'm always updating this page.
Hi again. I haven't really changed a lot on the page, but tripod says i have to do something every 30 days or i won't have a page any more, so expect to see some new links to different stuff, maybe some new pics, too. Wolfman Jack (if you don't know who he is, you gotta work harder at this hot rodding thing!) was a cultural icon during the fifties and sixties, and i hope to have a part of this page dedicated to the cooolest DJ of that era.

If you have any suggestions or anything you think would look good on my page, email me. Go watch the fireworks for a while!

So far, a lot of people are visiting my site!

All material displayed within these pages is assumed to be public domain. If it's not, tell me and i'll remove it if I can. Feel free to take all the stuff you want from my page, but if you take a lot of stuff, just add a link to my page. Thanks