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Alright-we all know that although C&P is an interesting and worthwhile novel to read, it is also quite L O N G. Now, below is a somewhat shorter version of this story, without all the tiny details. For those of you who have already read this book, the summary can be used as a review. For those who have not read it, it will just give you an idea of the plot of the book and who knows...maybe you just might want to go out and buy the real thing! Finally, for those who SHOULD have read the book, but didn't and have a test on it tomorrow, don't even bother reading the's too late! ENJOY!!!

BUT FIRST...A LIST OF CHARACTERS.... *RODION RASKOLNIKOV-The main character of the story. He conceives a theory that he is an extraordinary man and can neglect all laws. He kills a woman to prove this and spends the whole book rationalizing the theory. *DOUNIA-The fortunate sister of Ras who is engaged to the low-life Luzhin and was a former employee of Svidragailov. *PULCHERIA-Ras' mom. *MARMELADOV-A drunk, ex-government clerk who spends his money on alcohol and gets run over by a horse whole stumbling across the street. *KATERINA-The wife of Marmeladov who, after he dies, goes insane and makes her children beg in the streets. *SONIA-Marmeladov's eldest daughter who is forced into prostitution to support the family. She eventually falls in love with Ras. *SVIDRAGAILOV-Dounia's former employer. He is an evil, evil man. *LUZHIN-A wealthy, ego-stricken individual who is engaged to Dounia for a short time. *RAZUMIHIN-Ras' true friend to the end. He helps throught the entire story to get Ras back on his feet after his illness. Also the nephew of Porfiry. *PORFIRY-The uncle of Razumihin and also the head of the investigation. *ALYONA-The old pawn broker who is murdered on behave of Ras. *LIZAVETA-The innocent sister of the pawn broker, who is also killed. *PRASKOVYA PAVLOVNA-The landlady of Ras. *NASTASYA-A servant and friend of Ras. *ZOSSIMOV-The doctor who attends to Ras during his illness. *NIKODIM FOMITCH-The chief of police. *ZAMETOV-A clerk in the police station and also a friend of Razumihin. *NIKOLAY and DMITRI-Painters at the murder scene who are later arrested and confess to the murder.


A young Russian student, Raskolnikov, believes himself to be an extraordinary man--one who has the 'right' to commit and crime. In order to prove his stupid theory correct, Raskolnikov 'needs' to murder the old pawnbroker and her innocent sister. Immediately following the crime, the guilt strikes and poor Raskolnikov becomes ill. Upon recovery, he finds an old school acquaintance, Razumihin, who might be the only non-male-jerk of the whole story. Meanwhile, Raskolnikov is visited by Luzhin, who is engaged to Raskolnikov's sister Dounia. Luzhin, being the male chauvanist pig that he is, is merely marrying Dounia to prove his manly nature and ability to dominate the female species.

As soon as Raskolnikov can walk he takes a little stroll to the police station where he practically confesses to the whole murder. Later, he witnesses the death of the old drunk husband, Marmeladov, who spent the entire family savings on vodka and whiskey only to get run over by a horse. Raskolnikov graciously delivers the dead body to his wife and starving children and for some odd reason, leaves all his money to the family. Raskolnikov returns home to find his sister and mother there who have come to prepare for the wedding. Raskolnikov denounces Luzhin and forbids the marriage. To top it off, Svidrigailov, Dounia's former employee comes to town who had also previously tried to seduce Dounia, and Rask., being the big brother that he is, violently detests the man for this.

Porfiry, the police inspector, is interviewing people about the murder. Raskolnikov goes to the station thinking that he is a suspect and once again practically confesses to the murder. Since this time, Raskolnikov met Sonia Marmeladov, daughter of the drunk, and has taken a liking to her. He feels great sympathy toward her since she had been drawn into prostitution to make money for the family. Raskolnikov feels a closeness to her and promises to tell her who the murderer is.

Raskolnikov again meets with Porfiry. He then goes to Sonia and confesses to her. Unfortunately, Svid overhears the confession and uses this information to try to get Sounia to sleep with him. She refuses and he later commits suicide.

Raskolnikov finally confesses the murder to the police after talking to Sonia and is sentenced to eight joyous years in Siberia. Thinking that it will be a great vacation spot, Sonia joins him there to rebuild his life.



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