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Hi, we're the Compulsion Theatre Company. At present we are a group of theatre studies students from the University of Ulster at Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Sorry we haven't updated this page for a while, but you know how it is. Most of us are in 2nd or final year, and well, the work just keeps piling up. However, we have updated our "Where are they Now?" page, so check that out if you want a brief run down on what we've been up to.

Well, so far, we've squeezed 2 productions into our year since last September. The first was an 'unofficial' compulsion production of "Agnes of God" by John Pielmiere. When I say unofficial, I mean that it was a production we did for a grade, and we weren't allowed to use our company name by our faculty. Sniff. However, we will bring you details on this show later.

Our second production just went up at the beginning of the week (Monday 15th of March). "Poster Girl" was writting by Compulsion founder Shannon Starr, and starred two of our newest members, Elaina Ray and Emily Key from the US (see where are they now), as well as a host of new faces in the 'chorus'. It was also directed by Shannon, and our token male Josh was back from Canada in time to design and run our lights. More details coming up.


Josh Campbell: from Ballymoney, N.Ireland (our only token male- and according to the messages left in the guest book for him- quite a lady killer too)

Cathy Joyce: from Dublin, Ireland (poor girl (or lucky- depending on your point of view)that had to kiss Josh in "Surface")- Cathy's no longer involved with Compulsion due to other commitments, but we've left her on the members list due to her involvement in "Agnes of God";

Helen McBrinn: from Hollywood! (Holywood, N. Ireland that is);

Shannon Starr: from Belfast, N. Ireland (Be afraid! Be very afraid!)

And our new members: Elaina Ray from New Mexico, USA

Emily Key from North Carolina, USA

and those who have dared to step over the void from the UUCSU Drama Society to Compulsion

Erica Oakes

Maura Cunningham

Tara Boyle

and Barbara Timoney

So there you have it. More coming soon.

"Acting is illusion, as much illusion as magic is, and not so much a matter of being real"-Laurence Olivier.

there are cool people in the universe

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