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First Season

1. Pilot: (Welcome To The H-mouth) and (The Harvest)
Teenage vampire slayer Buffy Summers moves to a new town with her mother to make a fresh start, but finds her powers are sorely needed. As Buffy tries to settle into her new surroundings, she is called upon to stop the Master Vampire from being unleashed upon the Earth.
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2. The Witch
An unpopular student's obsession with becoming a cheerleader is questioned when members of the squad start having unexplainable accidents. Then, after a test proves that the girl's performing witchcraft, Buffy and Giles go to stop her.
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3. Teacher's Pet
When Buffy's biology teacher suddenly disappears, Buffy becomes suspicious of the sexy, new substitute after one boy disappears after working with her. The next day, Xander disappears as well, and Buffy, Willow and Giles search for them.
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4.Never Kill A Boy On The First Date
Buffy has her first slayer/teenager dilemma when she must decide between stopping the forces of evil and going out with a handsome, poetry-loving classmate.
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5. The Pack
On a school trip to the zoo, Sunnydale's cool crowd go into the hyena cage, which has been fenced off from visitors. When Xander goes in, he and the others are possessed by vicious African hyena spirits, turning them into savages.
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