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Generation Two

2. Richard Jenkins2 Coveney (William, #4) was born on 8 Sep 1908 at Boston, Suffolk, MA, USA. He married Nina Agnes V Marean (see #3), daughter of Guy Bennett Marean and Agnes IV Doutre Puss FitzPatrick, circa 1930 at Boston, Suffolk, MA, USA. He died on 20 Jan 1974 at Cambridge, Middlesex, MA, at age 65. He was buried in Jan 1974 at Mount Auburn Cem, Cambridge, MA.

He was employed on ?1930 by Ethyll Gasoline Co., Cambridge, MA.18 He was graduated with a degree of Newton was one of the premier High Schools when he attended, He was from a catholic family of Irish ancestry, and while an outstanding student, a minority. I believe this stuck with him, He always described his roots as English.

I had a radio he built while in High School. It was an elaborate cristol set, in three boxes with heavy wire connected in right angle routes, and it worked, 20 years after it was "State of the Art" on circa 1925 from Newton High School, Newton, MA. He was graduated on Jun 1929 from M.I.T., Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.19 He was employed on 1945 by Cambridge, MA. He was employed as He joined Fram as R&D Director, developed a number of new products, but was fired by a new president when he disagreed with him on between 1946 and 1950 by FRAM Corporation, Barrington, R.I. He was employed as After years of seperation, he returned from Detroit, and rejoined Nina. She having received an inheratance, they bought the only home they ever owned, a colonial at 40 Hawthorn Street. He spent nearly a year as an independant before joining FRAM Corp. on circa 1950 by Self employed consultant, 40 Hawthorne Street, Cambridge, Cambridge, MA. He was employed as Dick joined A.D. Little, a prominent engineering consultancy firm, to start their business consulting. Started from a building near the MIT Faculty Club. He did some offbeat things like hiring "Wild Biull Gordon" who wrote about the creative process, to develop new products for clients.

After a new president's election, with whom he had littl rapport, he was moved to NYC to start a new office. He moved the office to Rockefeller Center. They lived in Greenwich Village at first, then a penthouse atop "Tudor City" on 42nd street. It was impressive for it's huge patio overlooking the UN and East River, with a distant view of the Hudson down 42nd street. French doors extended up two floors, even with the smalled patio on that floor. It had once been Billy Rose's apartment.

He was there 'till alcohol got bad, and after a program, secured an asian client for a job in Manilla. He became seriously sick, flew back to Mt. Auburn Hospital where he was near critical, with flebitus a continuing risk. Nina didn't return untill several months had passed.

That ended his career at ADL. He stayed at 1010 Memorial Drive, after we looked at a number of alternatives. He did some work with SCORE, lent some money to one of his clients on circa 1951 by Arthur D. Little, Incorporated, Cambridge, MA.

Children of Richard Jenkins2 Coveney and Nina Agnes V Marean (see #3) were as follows:

  • 1 . i. Richard Marean1.

  • ii. Christopher Marean; b. circa 1942 at Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; d. circa 1953 at Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; d. circa 1955 at Cambridge, MA.

3. Nina Agnes V2 Marean (Guy, #6) was buried at Mount Auburn Cem, Cambridge, MA. She was born on 13 Apr 1910 at Mexico City, Mexico. She married Richard Jenkins Coveney (see #2), son of William Thomas Coveney and Mable Augusta Jenkins, circa 1930 at Boston, Suffolk, MA, USA. She died in Jul 1970 at Cambridge, MA, at age 60.

She was employed by Housewife. Her Social Security Number was 021-10-0938.

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