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Genealogy Report (Register) to HTML file (Jun98)

Generation Three

4. William Thomas3 Coveney (William, #8) was born on 28 Nov 1880 at 130 W Canton St., Boston, Suffolk, MA, USA.20 He married Mable Augusta Jenkins (see #5), daughter of Orville Augustus Jenkins and Amanda M. Smith, in 1906 at Roxbury, Suffolk, MA. He married Ella Dorothy Sullivan, daughter of Robert F. Sullivan and Mae Ella B. Pettyman, in 1924.21 He died on 19 Feb 1969 at 31 Fisher Ave., Newton, Middlesex, MA, at age 88.

Paul says he grew up in the Winter Hill Section of Somerville, as do my records. He told me of frequent canoe trips down the Charles River as a youth.

Both he and brother Ed worked for Brown Durrell Co. on Essex Street as salesmen. After some years Mr. Walker of Walker Stetson & Co. lured him away from his competitor. After some years he became President, and I visited him there a number of times. Ed joined him there. His habit was to lunch at the same table every day at a fish resturaunt the name of which I forget. They sold Manhatten shirts, and Jockey underware, which were my Christmas presants from him. R.H. White was a customer of both firms.

I trace the continuity from Thomas, leaving the "lighterman" tronsportation from ship to shore for the "Expressman", transporting from shore to buyer, and securing for his son(s) employment at his dry goods customer, R. H. White, The next generation sold to R.h. White and other Dry Goods Companies.

I have no detail, but education must have been important, as the clerical jovs leading to bookeeping required at least business skills, and the daughters of William being sucessful teachers, and a laywer son suggest more education. W.T. gave his daughters college educations when that was not normal, sent my father to MIT.

Walker Stetson closed when the building was taken for the construction of the central artery. W.T. had accumulated over a million dollars of worth through his company, and utility investments which prospered before his death.

*. He was employed by Drygoods-Pres. His Social Security Number was 028-05-6395.

Children of William Thomas3 Coveney and Mable Augusta Jenkins (see #5) were as follows:

  • i. Francis Jenkins2.
  • 2 . ii. Richard Jenkins.
  • iii. Charlette Jenkins; bur. at Druid Ridge, Baltimore, MD; bur. at Druid Ridge, Baltimore, MD; b. 1917; m. Dr. Bartow Griffiss circa 1950; d. 6 Apr 1986 at Enphysemia; Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD.

5. Mable Augusta3 Jenkins (Orville, #10) was buried at Mt. Auburn Cem., Cambridge, Middlesex, MA. She was born on 8 Dec 1872 at Charlestown, Suffolk, MA.22 She married William Thomas Coveney (see #4), son of William Coveney and Annie M. McGann, in 1906 at Roxbury, Suffolk, MA. She died on 4 Mar 1921 at 31 Fisher Ave., Newton, Middlesex, MA, at age 48.

She was ill with cancer; ?. She was MEMBERSHIP at Newton Highland Womans Club, Newton Highlands, MA.23 She lived after 1875 at Somerville, Middlesex, MA.24 She lived in 1882 at Dale Street, Roxbury, Suffolk, MA.25

6. Guy Bennett3 Marean (Morell, #12) was born on 3 Sep 1878 at Washington, DC; Interred 1948 ae 70. QED b. 1878. He married Agnes IV Doutre Puss FitzPatrick (see #7), daughter of Francis Wilford FitzPatrick and Agnes III Doutre La


He was graduated with a degree of not sure, just remember on circa 1900 from M.I.T., Cambridge, Middlesex, MA. He was employed to Install electric system for the new Subway system on about 1900 by Mexico City, Mexico. He was employed running the Ran Hacienda, Gold Mine, Fought bandits, revolutions on circa 1920 by Brazil. He bought during the depression, which wiped him out, Hedra, a beutiful farm on the eastern shore of Virginia. The nearest town is Craddockville, VA. The house was reportedly framed & panneled with wood from an early ship. One time Puss found three old silver spoons hidden in a wall which was opened to redo the room. I remember the old shoemakers tools in the attic, and ploughing always turned up bones and arrowheads. It was told that an early inhabitant invited the indians for a meeting, and shot them all as they appeared. G.B. farmed Soybeans before others, raised White Turkeys, Cows (I remember the treat of leading the cows through the pine woods to the beach on the Chessapeak, then swimming with them), Pigs, He started me Sailing on his Skipjack moored in the  creek. Oysters & Crabs were there for the digging, Vegetable gardens, Corn for us & Cattle. Electricity replaced Coal Oil when I was 6-7, and I no longer needed to fill the refrigerator kerosine cans. A Tractor replaced Horses after 1933. One summer he rented me a pony, told me how to sit it & assert that I was boss, and I roamed the countryside, wearing a toy holster and 'Colt'.

He was my male image, and I still think of him and miss him often.

gbmarean.jpg (439167 bytes)

Children of Guy Bennett3 Marean and Agnes IV Doutre Puss FitzPatrick (see #7) were as follows:

  • i. Morell2; m. Elinor Balentine; b. 1909;27 d. Apr 1996 at Florida; bur. 15 Apr 1996 at Oak Hill; 115, E, 7b, Washington, DC; cremation, with vault. ae 87,QED b. 1909.
  • 3 . ii. Nina Agnes V.
  • iii. Francis W..

7. Agnes IV Doutre Puss3 FitzPatrick (Francis, #14) was born on 3 Jul 1884 at Deluth, Saint Louis, MN; Internment ae 85 yrs, 10 mo, 27 day makes birthday 24 Jun 1886 !. She married Guy Bennett Marean (see #6), son of Morell Marean and Adelaide Bristol. She died on 1 Jun 1970 at Marblehead, Essex, MA, at age 85. She was buried on 10 Apr 1971 at Oak Hill; 115 E, 6, Washington, DC; Ae 85 yrs 10 Mo 27 days.28

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