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CDH: Citizens Demand Hanson

Actually, we ask politely...

Hey, welcome! I am guessing you are here because you want to hear and see more Hanson. If not... well, anyone's free to look around. Anyway, if you too would like to join (since we always need more members- more members = more Hanson for us all), or you'd like to know how this all works, go here.

Member count:
135 as of March 25

Here is where you do all the requesting

And here's where we deal with the haters

If there are any places to request at that you don't see here, please E-mail me to tell me what I can add.

Check out Similar Causes.


Join - Request - Home - Haters


Remember, Hanson doesn't exist without 
the support of fans like you.

You are devoted Hanson fan # here since July 30, 1998