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Vampire Goth Chat
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Here is where we goths and vampire lovers chat.
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Welcome & Greetings to all!

To all who enter here, beware of the secrets you may discover.

First I would like to say how pleased I am with the way Louis and Lestat have tried to help me with my transition into a new existence. I can no more hate LOUIS or LESTAT any more than I could hate myself.

As you know my two fathers were tormented and tortured with the knowledge of my death, but in fact i wasn't dead, not really. This is where my story begins after the incident in the "THEATRE DES VAMPIRES". After I was burnt to ashes by the sun in that airshaft LOUIS came in to find me as a pile of dust. Oh, LOUIS my love. He wept until he could not see and those tears fell upon my ashes.

The tears he cried slowly seeped to every particle of what was left of my body and brought me to a shape again. As LOUIS was leaving the airshaft he turned to my ashes, still with tear filled eyes, and cut his wrist and allowed the blood to flow. Over my ashes the lovely blood crept. That blood gave the strenth to crawl out of the THEATRE and into a dank musty alleyway of Paris.

I found a nearby cellar to hide in while I got my strength back eating rodents as LOUIS had once done. If only they knew I were alive now they would infuse me with thier blood to heal me. It has taken until now for me to be able to walk again as I used to and it will probably take another 10 years to get rid of the hideous scars that are left.

If one of these message boards do not work plese try the other one. This page is still under constuction so please bear with me.


Realm wandering here has been noted times!
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