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My main source of information for this page has been the government white paper "A Voice for Wales" and from the "Government of Wales Act", with additional information supplied by government speakers during the referendum campaign and from the National Assembly Advisory Group's report. The Government of Wales Act differs in a number of respects from the bill, primarily in the form and powers of the Assembly Secretaries and the Assembly Cabinet (formally called the Executive Committee). Much of the detail of the working of the Assembly will be governed by Standing Orders, which are as yet to be finalised. Much of the detail below is derived from consultation papers and informed by the debate on the bill in Parliament, and as such is subject to change.

The National Assembly Advisory Group
The National Assembly Advisory Group was set up to advise the Secretary of State for Wales on the Assembly Standing Orders. Following the Royal Assent to the Government of Wales Bill this group will be replaced with a statutory Commission which will draw up the final recommendations for the standing order of the Assembly. The membership of the Advisory Group was drawn from all political parties in Wales and from both pro and anti devolution groups.


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