Here's some links to some of the places on the net, I tend to visit a lot. I will be updating this page as often as I can. A lot of these places are more than worth a look, so please bear with the list as I am sure that you will find something of interest. If any of the links donít work please mail me so I can correct them.


Gaming sites and links.


Portent is one of THE best places on the Internet to find out what's due out, when from Games Workshop and Gamers Web is proud to be linked to it. Please check it out and tell Pete that Marc and all the folks from Gamers Web say hi.



The Halls of Macragge is one damn fine looking site dedicated to Warhammer 40,000 and comes highly recommended.


Mix-Image.Another really great site that not only covers Games Workshop, but Manga, and whole bunch of other cool topics. A bi lingual site written in French and English and maintained by Christian Rothacher and comes highly recommended.


Wardoggys Fantasy Pages. Some great stuff here from the world of Warhammer Fantasy.



The GW Gateway. Perhaps THE definative Games Workshop Links site on the Internet, with links to literally hundreds of Games Workshop sites online. Highly Recommended.


The Fiction Exchange. Fan based fiction for some of the hottest systems around. Check out the up and coming talents who take the ideas from Warhammer 40,000, Battletech, and Magic the Gathering and turn them into some of the best fiction on the Internet.


Woodelfs RPG Links. A highly upto date site that lists most of the RPG companies on the net.

Best Books and Games. A great place to find your gaming requirements. Lots of second hand and out of print products also available, as well as roleplaying, wargaming, and CCG's. Or you can visit the store if you are ever in England at:





TEL/FAX: 00 44 (0)151 709 1001

Alien164's Warhammer 40,000 Universe. A cool site dedicated to 40K with some great fiction from Alien164.

Slidahl&Ariochs Warhammer 40,000 Homepage. Another well written and thought out site dedicated to Warhammer 40,000, well worth checking out.




Here are some of the Newsgroups that provide information, gossip and chat on a wide range of games and miniatures. If you're server wont let you get onto the newsgroups email your postmaster and see if you can set up a newsgroup access. All newsgroups are 100% FREE.

Cyberpunk the game of a dark near future, where man and machine become one.
A newsgroup dedicated to Traveller and Traveller 2300ad.
Find out about White Wolf games excellent Storyteller systems Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Wraith and Changeling and now Trinity.
One of the places that gamers who play table top games can meet and discuss the hobby.
A Newsgroup that is dedicated to Games Workshop and its many game systems.

Warhammer Miniatures Newsgroup FAQ.A collection of the most frequently asked question about the Warhammer Miniatures Newsgroup, complied by Andy Sheppard.



Non Games links.

Xena Warrior Princess: The official homepage of the sassy lady with the big sword Xena.

Space Above and Beyond: A great site dedicated to one of the best shows ever to grace the small screen.

McFarlane Toys: Home of the great Todd McFarlane's excellent action figures from Spawn, Wildstorm and now the hottest band in the world KISS.

The Java ™ Boutique: Get yourself some cool stuff to jazz up your home pages.


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