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Breast Cancer Resources (Helpful Links)

Best Web Sites On Breast Cancer
This site lists lots of helpful links for personal research and support. I particularly recommend the BC listserv. Many Thanks to John Bonine for putting this site together.
Corporate Angel Network
This site gives guidelines for Free Plane Transportation for cancer patients to go to or from recognized cancer treatment centers by using empty seats aboard Corporate Aircraft.
Air Care Alliance
Another great site for information regarding patient transportation. Gives you links to national resources, thoughtfully grouped by region.
Mothers Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer
It is almost as devastating for a mother to watch her daughter fight this disease as it is for the daughter to go through it. This site, although still under construction, offers support & info....

Note: I do want to give a special thanks to my best friend, My Mom! Without her love & support, I don't think I could have made it through my chemo and rad sessions! I love you mom!
Men With Breast Cancer
As this site shows, women are not the only ones who get breast cancer! Thanks to Nancy Delaney for putting this page together and special thanks to the late Bob Stafford and to Bob Riter for allowing their stories to be told. There is also a link back to Nancy & Andy Delaney's page, telling of Nancy's own struggle with breast cancer....
Male Breast Cancer Information Center
Bob Stafford's truly extraordinary site; Our dear Bob Stafford lost his own battle with Breast Cancer on December 13th, 1998. What a wonderful person, husband and father. He will be missed. He put together a tremendous resource for those dealing with a largely unknown and ignored fact: Men get it too. This site contains information regarding all facets of MBC, from treatment, to some very valuable support resources, including the Male Breast Cancer Online Support Group....
OncoLink-Support Groups
This very informative site, from the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center, provides links for everything from Support Groups to Websites. It has resources for all types of cancer....
The Beauty In Bald
Nice little excerpt from the Washington Post....
PrimeTime: Breast Self-Examination
This site offers step by step instructions on how to do self exams properly. I found _my_ breast cancer through self examination! This could be a lifesaver....
Race For The Cure-Races By State
This site gives you a list of races by state, dates and other useful information. There is also a link back to the main page for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. We participated in one in 1997. What a wonderful, emotional, heartwarming day....
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