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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Hi! I'm really glad you stopped by! This is my Play Page, where I get to have fun (hope you do too) and also share with the world all the things I enjoy. Please sit back, relax and enjoy the links ;-)

Virtual Sites
This site gives you "Virtually" anything you want from virtual cards to live web cams.....Check It Out!
The Discovery Channel Live Keiko-Cam
Keiko has left the building! The Discovery Channel site will be hosting a new Keiko Cam in Iceland. At the site right now, you can find live reports from Iceland. They plan on having the most comprehensive and long-term coverage of Keiko's story. Stop by and read how Keiko is thriving in his new home. You Go, Buddy!! :-)

The Oregon Coast Aquarium Keiko Cam
Here is another live camera of Keiko. This one has the auto-update feature. It also has a link back to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
Sofweb Virtual Postcards, Flowers, Presents & Food
Another good site for links to cards, flowers, presents, etc.....
TV Guide Soap Opera Daily Updates
For all the Soap Opera fans, this site is a great link for information on ANY soaps you may have missed. Gives you all of the prior weeks episodes!

Hope ya had a good time! Don't forget to come back soon, 'cause I'm always finding new "Favorite Things". ;-)

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