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Recovery and Angels...What Gifts

Hello my friends. I wanted to have a page that combined two of 
my very favorite things in the world....recovery - - through 12-step 
programs....and angels - - messengers from God that I believe
surround us at all times.  Without the 
constant guidance and direction from both of those sources, I 
would not be clean and sober today, and probably would not even 
be alive to enjoy life as I am able to do now. I 
have to give a LOT of the credit for that to the encouragement, 
support, guidance and love I have been so freely
given from God, 
and from people in the program. They have taught me so much, 
given me so much, there really are
no words that can adequately express how much that has meant to me. 

So, if I can offer back just a piece of what has been given to me, 
offer just a little hope or encouragement 
to others who struggle in 
this thing we call life, then I will have accomplished what I want to 
with these little pages on the web. 

To loving friends and family, for those of you who have played 
such a vital role in my life 
(and hopefully I have told you often enough who you are),  
I thank you for giving me the acceptance, 
the courage, and hopefully a little of the wisdom to follow God's 
will in my life. You and your friendships 
are truly a treasure and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Serenity Prayer


Grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change,

Courage to change
the things I can,

and Wisdom
to know the


Isn't this a beautiful picture?  
I love the little angel here, but I also 
adore the way she is standing.  
With her arms crossed over 
her heart this way, she is doing the sign 
language for the word love. 
Can you think of anything better than an angel to 
demonstrate God's love to all of us?  
I can't.

Some of My Favorite Sites

Recovering Addicts
Scroll down just a bit to see more about this link. Then, go visit this site to see some pics and stories of some of the "angels" in my life.
Lattra's Home Away from Home
One of my best friends, and adopted little of the sweetest people in my life today.
Zee's Home Page
Another online friend in recovery, doing a fantastic job on the web. <S>
God_Bump's Page
Yet another of my online recovery friends, sharing some of what he so freely gives away in his recovery.
Poetry & Links from a Countryheart
Steve has written some beautiful things here. Please go read and enjoy.
Tamara's Universe
Tamara has done a wonderful job, and beat me to doing a few things I'd planned for MY site. LOL. Enjoy.
One Day at a Time
My friend Tony puts in a lot of time and effort here...great place to go.
AngelWinks Heavenly Postcard Shoppe
I've spent many hours here, finding just the right picture and message to send.

My VERY first favorite site on the web, 
gets it's own spot for
a link. When I first came online, one of the 
first places I
found (and the place that saved my butt and got 
me back to working the program again) 
was a chat room in Yahoo called
There's a wonderful group of people there. I've met 
many of them face to face and the programs they
work are just a true blessing to have in my life today. 
Come in for RA Meetings,
any night of the week from 9-12 Pacific time.
Addicts AND alcoholics sharing in the
same meeting...imagine!!
Come whether you qualify for one or the other...
or both, as I do.
Get there by going to
Take a few minutes to register with them and then 
go to the chat rooms. Go to Health and Family, 
then click on the "Users" list, which should show you 
the list of rooms set up. Click on "Recovering 
Addicts" and you're there.  If you
have trouble doing it that way, once you are in 
any other room, just type /join RECOVERING ADDICTS.  
As long as the room has 
been set up, you'll go right there.  
If no one has set the room up yet, you'll be 
there by yourself...LOL...otherwise, 
you'll be with our group.  Look for me there, and 
be sure to say hello!!!
You can also see pictures of some of our group, and 
read some more about us at our web site. 
Check it out when you get a chance.

My Other Pages

Prayers, Some Work, and the Promises
It's what any twelve-step program is based on...saved many, many lives.
One Little Angel Story
Some of my favorite pictures and a story that I hope will touch your heart, as it did mine.
Why We Are Chosen
Something special found in program literature, shared with me by my sweet friend Emma.
(****NEW****)Angels All Around Us
More favorite pictures...and more angel stories.

Tammy K. aka Lynn_hugstoall
Please feel free to contact me. I love
to share prayer requests and hear of
the miracles in your life.

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