During the period he spent at Castiglione, Nino flew not only in trainers such as the Breda Ba.25 and the FIAT CR.30, but also in FIAT CR.32 fighters. His first CR.32 flight was on November 14th. On Dec. 15, 1939, Nino was assigned to the 75a Squadriglia Caccia, 23o Gruppo, 3o Stormo (75th Land-Based Fighter Squadron, of the 23rd Group, 3th Flight).

The FIAT CR.32 biplane fighter was an elegant plane, but definitely inadequate to face Hurricanes or Spitfires. This CR.32's camouflage colours were probably a Giallo Mimetico 1 or 3 (Camouflage Yellow) background, under a mottle of Verde Mimetico 53192 or 3 (Camouflage Green) and Marrone Mimetico 1 or 2 (Camouflage Brown). Undersides are in Grigio Mimetico (Camouflage Gray) or Alluminium.

Una capottata in piena regola
is Nino's humorous comment on the back of this photo. It translates as "a somersault strictly according to regulations". This happened at Castiglione in November 1939. Whose fault was it?
Note the Regia Aeronautica insignia on under-surfaces: three black fasces in a black circle. They were often painted on a white background and were repeated on upper surfaces.

A damaged aircraft is being scrapped. Is it the FIAT CR.32 in the photo above?

FIAT CR.32s of the 75a Squadriglia in flight.

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