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it can be an uphill struggle for a new poet to get their work read. This page is designed to allow you to get make your work available to a huge audience

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These are my attempts at being a poet. See what you think and then try to do better.

Some people think my taste in music is strangely varied. See if you agree.

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Welcome To My Music And Poetry Page

This site is devoted to all that is good about the world of Christian music and poetry (oh, and some of my own stuff as well). At the moment the content of this site is heavily influenced by my own personal musical and poetical tastes; hopefully, with time my horizons will broaden and the range of stuff here will increase vastly. If anyone enjoys it that so much that they feel they'd like to contribute please feel free to use the guestbook; who knows, maybe you'll be discovered

The trees and forests
The lakes and the fields
All stand to be defeated;
And he who moved, created, formed and sang
The life is crying.
A young child cries
With wide wide eyes;
We must to life awaken.
This grip of lack of care
Which strangles life from love
Must, at last, be broken.

you may not be the first person to visit my page ( people got there before you) but you're welcome none the less