Rape and Abuse Survivor's Pages

The sites listed below are web sites designed by the survivors of rape and childhood abuse. They are as diverse as the women who designed them. Some of these sites provide information and are devoted to recovery. Some of these sites tell the stories of the women who designed them and some of these sites are just plain fun. I hope that you will find these sites helpful and informative.

Rape and Abuse Survivors Sites

A Place for Peace:
Raped but Healing: One survivors story
Beyond New Frontiers: This is a fun site
Indigo's Inner Eye:
HalfPint's Official Home Page: Loads of cool stuff and links
Rape Recovery Help and Information Page: This site contains lots of useful information about rape and rape recovery
Rape Recovery Hope and Home Page: This site also contains lots of useful information
Secret Garden:
You are not alone: A survivors site with message board and chat room
Integrity: One survivor's story
Child abuse forum: This site provides a chat room and message board for child abuse survivors

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Sandra McCoy