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April 23, 2001
another monday. i hate mondays. everything just forces into disaster on mondays. the weekend was a drag. nothing happened. david came over and we watched almost famous. best movie i've seen in awhile. kate hudson is amazing. i was just so into that movie. i didn't even want to get up when it was over. david laughed at me and said i should just rewind it and watch it again. hehe.

friday will be mine and david's 2nd anniversary. we've been dating for 2 years now. it's been the most amazing thing in my life. i never believed in love or soul mates or any of that mess until i met him. he's just everything i could possibly want in a guy. he's also my best friend and even if we aren't together romantically down the road i know we'll always be tight.

i hope this new layout looks nice. it's the second version of post human. i decided to delete all my other entries as well as everything else from the last version. i hated it that much. anyway. i've been listening to hole all weekend so i decided i could go with that.

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