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Name: Gourry Gabriev (also spelled Guido, or Gaudy)
Nicknames: Jellyfish brain, idiot, etc.
Age: 22
Blood type: B
Hair Color: Yellow
Eye Color: Blue
Height: About 1.91m (about 6"3')
Hometown: Unknown
Voice Actor's: Yasunori Matsumoto (subtitled), Eric Stuart (dubbed)
Strength: Sword fighting, melee combat, chivalry (attempted)
Weakness: Food, heights, dresses and thinking
Motto: "Just agree with her, it's a lot less painful"
Equipment: Sword of Light, shoulder and chest armor


Gourry is great, he absolutely cracks me up. Gourry is introduced into the Slayers TV series in the beginning. He's a traveling mercenary who happens to wander by and save a toothpick little girl (his words, not mine) named Lina Inverse. When she wants to know if he'd be her bodyguard, he took it a step farther and called himself her protector, her guardian. He continued to call her Little Girl for awhile, good thing Lina could handle that. Gourry doesn't have any magic abilities, his best attribute is his swordfighting. Rumor has it that he ran away from home with the Sword of Light.

After the gang defeated Shabrinigdo, Lina and Gourry kept hanging out together, and it ended up being a "Wherever you see Lina, Gourry is nearby". I think Gourry just couldn't think of anything else to do, so he decided to keep hanging out with her. I mean, come on, he is a swordsman, and hanging out with Lina does guarantee you to see lots of fighting.

Cross Dressing
What? Not our beloved Gourry! Ohhh yes indeedy, Gourry makes a pretty girl! The name Lina and Amelia gave him is La-La, and he certainly did get the eye of "The Might Balloon" once. *snickers* Take a look at these camera ninja'd photo's of him!

Some people cast a spell of forgetfulness, well, in Gourry's case you really don't need it. 2 days after meeting him, Gourry called Zelgadis Zagildos, and Shabrinigdo Shabradingo. Least he got the Shab part right. Actually, Gourry forgot who Shabrinigdo and Rezo were by the time the Next series rolled around. Lina continually calls him jellyfish brains, and hey, don't ya know it, he likes dressing up like one. Gourry really is forgetful, he forgot who Sylpheel was, and she even fell in love with him. The only reason he remembered her even a little is because she cooked for him. ^_^