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Name: Sylphiel Nels Rada
Nicknames: Shifiel, Shyphiel, Sylphiel Nels Lahda, Siruhiru Nerusu Raada
Age: ? Around the groups age, I'd guess.
Blood type: 18
Hair Color: Black/Purple
Eye Color: Green
Height: 173CM
Hometown: Sairaag
Voice Actress's: Touma Yumi(subtitled), Stacia Crawford(dubbed).
Strength: White Magic, Shrine Maiden Magic, very very very little black magic
Weakness: Gourry
Motto: "Gourry, dear."
Equipment: Priestess staff

Slyphiel you meet around tape 6. She knew Gourry in the past, and meets up with the group when they're in Sairaag. She also meets the gang again later in the series. Her father is the late Eruk, a noble of Sairaag.

Sylphiel has got the hots for Gourry in a big way. She knew Gourry in the past, though the only thing we know about it is that Sylphiel cooked for Gourry after he was hurt. It had to be something noble, because Slyphiel has an enourmous crush on Gourry. So much so she feels she has to compete with Lina.

Flaaaaaare carrot?
What the....Sylphiel had some knowledge in black magic before she met Lina, however, her black/astral magics were very weak. After some coaching she got good at Flare Arrow, but then her talent slipped, and when Zel asked for a Flare Arrow, it was something rather familiar to seeing Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara. ^_^ Remember how I said she felt like she had to compete with Lina? Well beyond her top-notch White Magic spells, Sylphiel learned the Dragon Slave. Which kind of scares me. ^_^