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Prey Fan Fiction
This page includes links to other Prey fan fiction sites. Featured writer's pages are listed below.

Prey Fanfic Snippets
Fan fiction snips, scenes, poetry, and round robins from the fan fiction ring. Updated 11/18/98

Our Featured Writers

Prey Fan Fiction by Sue, the first of our writers.
Part 4 of Conspiracies is done!!
Updated 3/1/2000
Sarita writes in-betweeners and has also done stand alone stories.
Updated 1/27/99
Sharon is writing an on-going serial titled Reconciliation. Chapters
42 - 53 have just been posted. Updated 1/1/99
Poetry by Elizabeth Vida. Liz has plans for a poem for each
episode - future plans include fiction.
Updated 9/15/99
Diane is our newest writer. Her story The Trojan Horse dovetails
with the Prey episodes. Updated 9/15/99

It's Here!!! Lee Ann has posted her first story "Recovery".
See how Tom gets out of the cage. Updated 8/2/99
A new story - Resurrection by Virgina. Up to 23 chapters.
I'll be posting as fast as I can. Updated 8/11/00

Top Ten Reasons To Watch Prey Thanks to ABC for this.

Tom and Sloan in "Prey"

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The Save Prey Campaign!

Prey was a new sci-fi program that ABC
put on early in 1998. With no support,
numerous pre-emtions,and only 8 episodes,
the program developed a large and loyal
group of fans dedicated to saving Prey.

Due to the fan's campaign ABC relented and
aired the last 5 episodes. My thanks to Gina -
without her organizational skills and great ideas
it never would have happened.

Prey is now showing on the Sci-Fi channel and getting
new fans!! So be sure and drop a line to the Sci-Fi
channel to tell them you love Prey.

And new fans means new writers! I currently have 3 new
writers getting ready to post their first stories at
Torys Prey - so keep checking back.

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