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See that tattoo?
I TOUCHED IT! =D  Sorry!
Now, some of you may be asking, "Why in the world would this girl wanna make a page about Test?!?"  The answer is simple, BECAUSE I WANT TO!  Besides, I feel that he doesn't get the attention he deserves and he is very underrated.  Got a problem with that, then you can E-mail me at
If ya don't have a problem, then good.  I appreciate it.
I'm also making this page, because, as a Test fan, I get tired of not being able to find good pages on him, let alone really any pages at all.  So, for the rest of the Test fans there are, this is your page to visit!  I promise you!


February 25: Hey everyone, I'm back! =) Sorry for the lack of updates, but Test hasn't been on, but now he's back!  There's a new Picture of the Week, a new poll, added another link, added/changed some things on the About Me page, added 6 more pictures of Test to the Live section and added 10 more pictures of Test to the Gallery.

February 6: There's a new poll, go vote NOW! New Picture of the Week*, added 4 more pictures, added 1 new link,  added more to the story, "Will They Ever Give Up?" and added 5 more pictures of Chris Jericho to the Live section! * = As for those of you who don't know, Test went for an MRI yesterday for a bulging disc in his back.  We wish him a speedy recovery.=)


After losing it on Smackdown, he'll hopefully be moving on to bigger and better things!



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What would you think if Test turned heel?



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