Japanese Version
Senshi: Sailorjupiter
Name: Kino Makoto
Birthday: December 5
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: O
Favourite Colour: Pink
Hobby: Bargain-Hunting
Favourite Food: Chery pie
Least Favourite Food: None
Favourite Subject: Home Economics
Worst Subject: Physics
Has Trouble With: Airplanes
Strong Point:Cooking
Dream: being a bride, selling cakes, selling flowers
Favourite Gemstone: Emerald
English Version
Scout: Sailor Jupiter
Name: Lita
Birthday: December 5
Age: 14
Likes: Romance novels
Dislikes: Cheaters
Hobbies: Cooking
Special Strenghts: Strong, Athletic
Favourite Food: Cherry pie, Meatloaf
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Animal: Horse
Favourite Subject: History

Some of the descriptions came from Sailor Jupiter: 1,000,000,000 volts of girl power


North American
Japanese Version/Equivalent

Special Powers:

Jupiter Power Jupiter Power, Make up
She uses this power to transform into Sailor Jupiter.

Jupiter Power
Lita says this to transform into Sailor Jupiter.

Supreme Thunder Crash Supreme Thunder
For this attack Jupiter uses the lightning rod in her tiara. She crosses her arms across her face and the lightning rod rises from her tiara. White-blue bolts of lightning flash from the clouds and the rod absorbs the power. Jupiter releases all that energy but uncrossing her arms and sends is rushing towards the enemy.

Jupiter Thunder Crash
Sailor Jupiter crosses her arms over her head, index and little fingers extended, then brings her arms down across her breast. A lightning rod extends upward from the center of her tiara, which catches a single thunderbolt that blasts down from the sky. As the lightning strikes her lightning rod, it forms a spherical "cage" which rotates around her. As the rod retracts into the tiara, she bows her head and pulls her legs up under her. The charge then converges around her forehead. By throwing her head back and her limbs outward, she sends the charge speeding toward her victim.

Jupiter Thunderbolt Crash

Jupiter Star Power Jupiter Crystal Power, Make up
She uses this power to transform into Sailor Jupiter.


Jupiter Crystal Power Jupiter Crystal Power, Make up
She uses this power to transform into Sailor Jupiter.

Jupiter Thunder Dragon Supreme Thunder Dragon
This attack starts similar to Supreme Thunder except when Jupiter releases the lightning it transforms into a dragon. The dragon roars and lunges at the enemor cardian, maw gaping and consumes it in electricity.

Jupiter Thundercrash Zap Sparkling Wide Pressure
Behind Sailor Jupiter thunder crackles menacingly. She steps back and a ball of lightning froms in her hand. She throws the ball in a side-arm style at the enemy.

Flower Hurricane
Sailor Jupiter says these words, and a mini-storm of flowers and flower petals are fired at her victim. This attack is used to blind her target.


Super Supreme Thunder
I need a description for this one.

Coconut Cyclone
I'm not exactly sure how this one works. She says these words, and supposedly, there is a flash of light. This attack is used to damage and/or weaken her target.


Jupiter Oak Evolution
She forms a few green oak leaves around her then she spins around rapidly a few times, picking up speed and possibly powering up. The oak leaves multiply and turn golden. She abruptly stops and the storm of golden leaves rips towards the enemy.

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