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Usagi MP's Sailor Moon Site
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September 2004- I don't have a whole lot of time to work on this site. I'm not the big Sailor Moon fan that I used to be. I'm going to continue to maintain it because I know I still get plenty of visitors. I will not close this site unless I have no other choice.

Welcome to my site. The Manga Gallery has vaniashed but it will be back as soon as I can get it uploaded. I'm hoping to make this the one stop for all your Sailor Moon needs. I'm expanding all of the profile pages with detailed information on attacks and more images. I'm currently working on updating both my Manga and Anime Galleries. Also in the works is a Multi Media section with games, SM WinFAQ, music, ect.

To learn more about me you can visit my home page & photo album, the new years pics are especially brutal.

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