Japanese Version
Senshi: Sailormercury
Name: Mizuno Ami
Birthday: September 10
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Favourite Colour: Aquamarine
Hobby: Reading, chess
Favourite Food: Sandwiches
Least Favourite Food: Yello-tail tuna (hamachi)
Favourite Subject: Mathematics
Worst Subject: None (no suprise ^^)
Has Trouble With: Love Letters
Strong Point: Calculating
Dream: To be a doctor
Favourite Gemstone: Sapphire
Height: 5'2"
English Version
Scout: Sailor Mercury
Name: Amy (Anderson)
Birthday: September 10
Age: 14
Likes: Books, chess
Dislikes: Practical Jokes
Hobbies: Computers
Special Strenghts: Smart, Strategist
Favourite Food: Sandwiches
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Animal: Cat
Favourite Subject: Mathematics


North American
Japanese Version/Equivalent

Special Powers:

Mercury Power Mercury Power, Make Up
Amy says this to transform into Sailor Mercury.

Mercury Bubble Blast Shabon Spray
Amy says this in order to generate a mist fog that either reduces the visual range of enemies or the temperature around them. This generally confuses them, making them more vunerable to attacks.


Mercury Ice Bubble Freeze Shabon Spray Freezing
Amy gained this atack after seeing Ail and Ann's (Anne & Allen) cardians trying to drain innocent toddlers. Tsukkikage no Knight (The MoonLight Knight) popped in for one of little inspirational speeches. This is a variation of her origional attack but this time the bubbles freeze the enemie in a solid wall of ice.

Mercury Star Power Mercury Star Power, Make Up
Amy says this to transform into Sailor Mercury.

Mercury Ice Storm Blast Shine Aqua Illusion
Amy says this to generate a massive freezing attack. This will usually freeze opponents and/or objects, preventing them from moving. She gained this attack after receiving the Star Pen.

Shine Snow Illusion
I could use a description for this manga attack.


Mercury Aqua Mirage
See Sailor Moon SuperS for a description. Since is has the same name I'm assuming it looks the same.


Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up
Amy says this to transform once again into Sailor Mercury.

Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
To start this attack Mercury rests the Aqua Harp in front of her and begins playing. Jets of sparkling ice water rush out from the strings in many directions freezing the lemure or enemy.

Mercury Aqua Mirage
This attack is similar to Aqua Rhapsody except it is much longer and the jets of water move differently.

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