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Ethel    Violet    Mitchell    (War    Bride    of:       William    Charles    Marney)       ~Geneology    Information

Ethel Violet Mitchell born in Hastings England. Married as a War Bride ~ William Charles Marney (My great-grandfather). His son Glen Royce Marney (my grandfather)~~~~

William Charles Marney from Scottish Descent, Tannadice, Angus, Scotland. His father was William Henry Marney b. Jan 1863 Salisbury, N.B. CN. m. 28 Dec. 1885 Houlton, Maine/USA to Henrietta FEERO d. 1916 Temperance Vale, New Brunswick, buried in the United Baptist Church of Temperance Vale along with wife and William Charles Marney, Buried there too. Many descendents are at the Cemetery. Including my mother's (Donna M. Noble ~ nee Marney) Mother ~~ EVELYN KATHELINE MARNEY (nee Mooers~~her mother~~Ada Blanch Mooers, Temperance Vale, N.B. Great Grandmother Mooers m. Fred Mooers; and is from "the United Empire Loyalist Descent".

Ethel Had ONE sister Dorothy Mitchell (m. Gasson)

Four Borthers:

Arthur Mitchell Cecil Mitchell Thomas Mitchell Harold Mitchell all of Hastings, England.

SCOTLAND DESCENT (Medals from both World Wars); (my grandpa Glen R. Marney has great grandfather's medals).

William Charles (311) Marney Aug. 23/1887 and Ethel Violet Mitchell (Marney) had two childred:

Aulden Marney~~four girls, Jean, Married Wendell Stairs (parents of Matt Stairs (adopted) ballplayer. Linda,lives somewhere out west, one male child; Rowena,married Robert Simpson, resides in Nackawic; Barbara Marney (married Aunden Rae~resides on Davidson Lake Road).

*Glen Royce Marney (my grandfather).~~four children: (English~Scottish) Roy Carl Marney (married Donna Fox) ~~2 children : Tammy & Trevor. Donna Marie Marney (married David Stanley Noble)~~4 children: Crystal Lynn Noble (married Stephen Landry) ~ B. April 6th, 1967.~ Two girls: Larissa Gwyn Landry B. Dec.21, 1989 (my niece) Haley Robin Landry B. April 21st, 1995 (my niece) Sophia Violet Landry B. November 8th, 2001. (my niece) Angela Evelyn Noble married Glen Baydon Saunders the have one child Isabella Faith Saunders Born January 21st, 2002. Vicki Leigh Noble "Victoria" ~~ me :) born September 11th, 1979, married Graeme Lamont Sweet , August 18th, 2001. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Linage of William Charles Marney :

Tannadice,Angus, Scotland : John (49) Marnie m. 1783 & Mary Young (646) 1791-1865 Charles Vaughn Marnie (Marney) 388~~~ Anne (339) Airth; immigrated from Scotland~m.1812 April. Direct descedent from Joshua (390), Born in Scotland, Glasgow,in 1852. Scotland. Joshua married Eliza Anne Carney (Marney); born Jan 16, 1831 d.Jan.31,1914. Children : William Henry (16) Marney Jan 1863 married Henrietta Feero (17) Marney - 28 Dec. 1885~ children: WILLIAM CHARLES (311) Marney Aug. 23/1887 (My great grandfather)m. ETHEL VIOLET MITCHELL (MARNEY) BORN 1892. children: Aulden Marney Glen Royce Marney (my grandfather)*

THERE ARE TWO BOOKS WRITTEN WHICH INCLUDE ME IN THE DESCENT FROM MOTHERS SIDE OF OUR FAMILY : one called "Christian Feero" at the York Regional Library, Fredericton, New Brunswick , Canada. (copy lost). Copies available : Christian Feero, Loyalist of New Brunswick, by Bullock, Gateway publications. Can be obtained direct from Gloria Bullock, P.O.Box 30, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire 03894. Published by the author , from Gateway Press, Inc., 111 Water Street, Baltimore, MD 21202. Another Book: Temperance Vale/The People and Times of a New Brunswick settlement, compiled and written By the people of Temperance Vale, For the Bicentennial of New Brunswick 1987. Copyright, 1987 southampton Advisory Committee. Typeset and printed in Canada by Centennial Print and Litho Ltd. The third book of MARNEY interest, bright pink in colour, "The Adventures and Philpsophies of an Old Lady by Pearl Marney Williams, Osterville, Massachusetts, THE MARNEY PRESS , Osterville, Massachusetts. Pearl Marney Williams, 77 Milne Road, Osterville, MA 02655. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 96-94675.

These are my Ancestors ~ GOD is the Father of all Earth's Beings !



Prov. 17:17 " A Friend Loves At All Times ".

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