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Useful Links for Cadette & Senior Girl Scout Interest Projects

I am still in the process of collecting links that will help girls find the information/experiences they need to earn various interest projects. If you have found a site particularly helpful, let me know!

Interest Project Patch



The Information about backpacking, including a special area for beginners.


Camping Information: Contains a camping equipment checklist, & links to state parks in Texas, Oklahoma, & New Mexico.
The Outdoor Network: A job search site aimed at jobs in the outdoors, everything from ranger to administrators in environmental organizations.

Car Sense

The Car Care Council:Information on everything from car care to careers in the auto industry.
MSN Car Point:Shop for cars, get information on insurance, & much more.
How Anti-Lock Brakes Work:Info on ABS from
NHTSA Airbag Info:Includes information & warnings about airbags.

Conflict Resolution

Peer Mediation in a School-based Setting:A good introduction to the concept of peer mediation.
Teacher Talk:Peer Mediation:Another good intro to peer mediation.

Digging Through The Past

Neill's Geology For Kids: This is a great site full of information on the many aspects of geology. A great place to start gathering information & very user friendly!
Mineral Matters: Site by the San Diego Natural History Museum. Has lots of good information on minerals, information on growing your own crystals, & games to play!
Make Your Own Fossil: Simple instructions on how to make your own "fossil."

Dollars & Sense

Currency Converter:Calculator that converts US$ into other currencies.
Currency Exchange rates:A list of exchange rates.
How ATM's Work:A good explanation of how Automatic Teller Machines work from

Emergency Preparedness

The American Red Cross: An excellent resource full of information.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency: Includes information on preparing for disasters, & about topics such as flood insurance.

Family Living

Family Corner on-Line Magazine:Covers topics such as finances, different stages of child development, & also has fun family activities.
Club Mom:An excellent resource containing info on everything from appropriate computer games to checklists for organizing for big moments in life.

From Fitness To Fashion

Kitchen Cosmetics:A great site for finding recipes for home made cosmetics.
Homemade Cosmetics:Another site with homemade cosmetics recipes.
United Students Against Sweatshops:Home site of the student organization working to end the use of sweatshop labor in the production of college merchandise.
The Clean Clothes Campaign:A European organization working to end sweatshop labor.

From Stress To Success

Soothing Yourself:This site has some simple relaxation exercises.
Mind Tools: How to Master Stress:This site has a lot of information on stress, including recognizing stress, managing life crises, & stress management techniques.
Stress Management and Emotional Wellness Links:This page has links to many different stress related web sites.

Generations Hand in Hand

A Beginner's Guide to Family History Research:Good introduction for beginners. It has lots of information on sources to use, etc.
The American Geriatrics Society:A lot of this may be more technical than you need, but has good information on issues facing the elderly.
AARP On-Line:Home site of the AARP, with lots of information about isues & interests of/for the retired. Excellent resource.

Home Improvement

411 Home Repair:Information on making improvements & repairs to your home. & tips for making home improvements.
Habitat for Humanity:Home site of Habitat for Humanity International.

Inventions & Inquiry

US Patent Office: Information on how to file for a patent srom the people who would know. ;-p
National Inventor's Hall of FameAn organization that recognizes inventors and inventions.

Law & Order

Introduction to Robert's Rules of Order: The basics of running a meeting according to Parliamentary Procedure.
Are Students Running from Classroom to Courtroom? : An ABC news article about classes that are being dropped from school for fear of lawsuits.
NEA Safe Schools Resource Center: A variety of reports about various ways to keep schools safe, etc.
US Senate: Official Site of the Senate. Has a tool to let you look up your Senator's contact information.
US House of Representative: Official site of the House of Representatives. Has a tool that will let you look up your representative's contact information.
American Mock Trial Association: This site has various rules for holding a mock trial.

Lure of Language

A Basic Guide to ASL:Good site with basic American Sign Language, including animated signs.
Animated American Sign Language Dictionary:Another excellent site that has shows how to do ASL through the use of animation.

Museum Discovery

Virtual Smithsonian:The official Virtual Smithsonian Web Site.
Virtual Library Museums Pages:A directory of on-line museums in the US & around the world.

On The Court & On The Playing Field

Online Sports Career Center: Job search site focusing on sports related jobs.
The Locker Room: Information on a variety of sports. A good basic resource.
Queens of the Gridiron:A tribute to women who have played tackle football, from high school level & up.
Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women In Sports: A center dedicated to exploring how sport, recreation, and physical activity affect the lives of girls and women.
Women's Sports Foundation: Has lots of information about women in sports & fitness.
Women's Sports Jobs:A job search site for women looking for careers in sports.
WWW Women's Sports: An index of links to women's sports sites on the internet.


US Geological Survey:Home site of the USGS. Contains maps & tons of information on everything from water quality to declining wildlife numbers.
How to Use a Compass:Good introduction & teaching tool.
Orienteering:Explains the basic of orienteering.
US Orienteering Federation:This site is great! Has info on the basics of orienteering, on setting up your own orienteering events, & setting up age appropriate courses, just for starters.
Ask-A-Geologist:Information on the USGS's Ask-A-Geologist program. According to the site, they answer about 45% of questions e-mailed to them.
All About GPS:A good tutorial on how Global Positioning Systems work. It is done by a company that produces GPS's, so it's slightly commercial, but a good resouce nonetheless.

Paddle Pole & Roll

The Outdoor Club Canoe & Kayak Home Page: Links to canoe/kayak associations & clubs, as well as a canoe camping check list.

Rolling Along

Girl Groove: A site for & about women who ride bikes, focuses more on off-road bicycling.
Skater Girls: Has information about the basics of skateboarding, & women who skate professionally.

Space Exploration

NASA Web Site: The official web site of NASA.
Paper Airplanes: Has downloadable files that contain the patterns for more advanced paper airplanes & gliders.
Female Astronauts: Has a list of female astronauts with pictures. Not much information, but a good starting point.
Women's Contributions to NASA: From the official NASA site, this list of women's contributions goes all the way back to 1781.
The Committee on Women in Science and Engineering : Has information on women in engineering, as well as a list of female engineering faculty at US Institutions.
Women of NASA : "The Women of NASA resource was developed to encourage more young women to pursue careers in math, science, and technology." (Quote from site)
Association for Women In Science:Dedicated to achieveing equity and full participation for women in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Women Through Time

Distinguished Women of Past and Present : An excellent index of important women in fields ranging from activism to veterinary medicine.
Famous Girl Guides & Scouts : A list of well-known women who were Guides or Scouts.
The National Museum of Women In The Arts: This museum in DC also has special programs for Girl Scouts.
Women's History Month Links: A pretty thorough list of links related to women's histoy.

Your Own Business

Bizworld: A web site that shows how to start up your own business, & teaches how to keep it going. Includes an on-line game in which groups run their own greeting card company & much more!

Generally Useful IPP Links



Cadette/Senior IPP Links

This page is mostly links to various Council's Own IPP's

Troop 446 Homepage

This troop's site tells what activities they did to earn various IPP's & also has links to any activities they did on-line.

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