Internet Resources for Girl Scouts

As a troop leader in a relatively rural area, I have found that the internet is a wonderful way for my girls to gain the experiences & information they need to earn badges that are a little more accessible to their more "metropolitan" sisters.

With that in mind, I realized that this is the case in many areas of the country...leaders spend hours looking for resources to help their girls earn the badge they are interested in. So, why not gather these resources up in one place? After all, we shouldn't all have to re-invent the wheel.

The links are divided into four categories:
Generally Useful (helpful for a great variety of information)
Try-It links
Junior Badge links
Interest project Patch links

The links are listed by which recognition they have been found useful for...if you find one that you feel serves multiple purposes, let me know & I will list it accordingly. And, feel free to send me any links I don't have that you have found useful!

Try-it, Badge, & IPP Helpful Links

Generally Useful Links:Not many so far, but more will be added soon!
Try-It Links:Still Empty...if you have any good links, please let me know!
Junior Badges & Signs Links: Updated March 20, 2001! LInks for over 30 Junior Badges!
Interest Project Links: Updated February 24, 2001! Lots of links added.

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