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Welcome to the page for Junior Badge Links. I hope you find the information I have here helpful. I will add as I find more links. If there is a link you found helpful that I don't have here, let me know & I'll add it. If you find any broken links, let me know & I'll get them fixed.

Badge Names are in alphabetical order & the Signs are below them. You can navigate easily by using the drop-down menu below. It lists all the badges I have links for so far. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the e-mail address below.

Junior Girl Scout Badge Links

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Badge Name


Across Generations

Adopt A Native American Grandparent: Program in which you can adopt a Native American grandparent on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
Adopt A Grandparent: A National AAG organization. Has information on volunteer possibilities & how to start your own AAG Group
Web Site of the AARP: The US's largest organization of older Americans.

Active Citizen

US Senate: The official site of the Senate. You can look up your Senator from this site, plus get lots of information.
US House of Representative: The official site of the Senate. You can look up your Representative from this site, plus get lots of information.
PRAY (Programs of Religious Activities with Youth): Has a list of most of the religious recognitions available to Girl Scouts.


The K-8 Aeronautics internet Textbook: Lesson Plans & Activities about space flight & more for all ages.
The Space Place: Fun activities & facts about space. Brought to you by nasa.
Space Food & Nutrition : Information & activities about space food.
Alex's Paper Airplanes: Has lots of paper airplane designs you can make, with pictures & instructions. Great resource.
Free Paper Planes: Has downloadable files that contain the patterns for more advanced paper airplanes & gliders.
Spacecraft Model Kits: Paper models that you can print out & put together.
Clem's Homemade Newspaper Kites: How to make a kite using newspaper, scissors, & tape. Cool.
Female Astronauts: Has a list of female astronauts with pictures. Not much information, but a good starting point.
The Women of Mercury 13: Information on the first group of women to become astronauts. A part of history many don't know.
Women's Contributions to NASA: From the official NASA site, this list of women's contributions goes all the way back to 1781.
Amelia Earhart: Information on her life & how she became a "celebrity."
Women in Aviation History: An excellent resource to find women who have made history in flight.


Architecture for Kids: Information on different types of houses built throughout American history. It is a work in progress, but has a lot fo information already.
Exploring Architecture: Features architecture activities for kids, as well as information on famous architects & architecture.
Spaces & Places: An entire lesson plan for an elementary age (3-5 grades) unit on architecture. Good resource for explaining the basics!
Architecture & Building Resources on the Web: A very long list of links to architecture sites. If you troop really gets into this, I recommend checking some out. Otherwise, it's a lot to sort through.

Art In The Home

Design Basics: Furniture Arrangement: Info on furniture arrangement, making a floor plan, etc.
Decorating 101 Laying the Groundwork: Planning the Arrangement : Information on arranging a room from start to finish. A good step-by-step.

Art In The Round

Joseph Wu's Origami Page: Diagrams & pictures of origami patterns.
K's Origami : Contains instructions for many origami projects. Some of the instructions are even animated!
Southeastern Woodcarver's Association: Has links to many resources about wood carving.
Donna's Day papier Mache: Simple instructions for papier mache.

Art To Wear

Time line of Costume History: Has pictures of costumes from many cultures & historical periods.
Costumes of the Levant: Pictures & information on traditional clothing from the countries of the Mediterannean.
Greek Costume Through The Centuries: Information on Greek clothing through history..
The Japanese Kimono: Information on the kimono & how it is worn.
Norwegian Bunads: Information on traditional Norwegian clothing.
A simple frame loom: Instructions on how to build a simple frame loom & various methods of weaving using the loom.

Becoming A Teen

It's My Body: Web site by Stayfree. Has good information for girls & women of all ages.
Tampax web site: Has educational resources & you can also order free samples & information.
Teen-age Health Myths: Good health information for teens, focusing on myths that are common among that age group.

Business Wise

BIzWorld: A web site that shows kids how to start up their own business, & teaches how to keep it going. Includes an on-line game in which groups run their own greeting card company & much more!
Start Your Own Business: A great government site that goes as far as showing kids how to file taxes on their own business.
Business Wise Badge for Juniors : From "Paula's Projects" web site. Has ideas for activities you can use to complete this badge.

Car Care

Car Care Council: Good information on proper car care & maintenance.

Caring For Children

I Am Your Child: I Am Your Child is an organization that promotes the importance of early childhood development. Has many good resources.
The ABC's of Safe & Healthy Child Care: An on-line handbook of health & safety tips for anyone who cares for children.
Gramma's Rainy Day Survival List: Good kit of fun stuff to have on hand for those days it's too icky to go outside.

Celebrating People

Cliques: Power & Pain: Ways for parents to deal with cliques. Good starting point for a discussion with your girls.
The Rules of Cliques: A game that girls can play to see how the "popularity game" works.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Information on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize: List of everyone who has won the prize & links to more information about them.
Female Nobel Prize Winners: A listing of all the women who have won a Nobel Prize, with links to more information about them.

Computer Fun

Kaleidoscope Painter: A fun painting page that girls can play with endlessly...basic on-line fun.

Creative Solutions

Peer Mediation in a School-based Setting: A good introduction to the concept of peer mediation.

Family Living Skills

Family Corner on-Line Magazine: Covers topics such as finances, different stages of child development, & also has fun family activities.
Club Mom: An excellent resource containing info on everything from appropriate computer games to checklists for organizing for big moments in life.

Finding Your Way

How to Use a Compass: Good introduction & teaching tool.
Orienteering: Explains the basic of orienteering.
US Orienteering Federation: This site is great! Has info on the basics of orienteering, on setting up your own orienteering events, & setting up age appropriate courses, just for starters.

First Aid

Basic First Aid for Kids: Information on basics, such as minor burns, nosebleeds, insect stings, & more.
First Aid from ThinkQuest: Tells about different types of injuries & what to do for them.
First Aid Crossword Puzzle: Good simple crossword with a first aid theme.

Frosty Fun

Snow: Learn the basics of snow, make your own virtual snowflakes, learn to make your own snow art, & more.

Geography Fun

Country Profiles: Includes information on each country's geography, climate, & more.
Maps & Globes: A good starting point that explains many of the terms & concepts related to geography.
Around the World in 80 Days: Has information about the countries visited in the book, & a game to see how long it takes you to travel around the world.
Getty Thesaurus of Geographic NamesSite that lets you type in the name of any place (even historical places!) & it will tell you where it is & give other basic information.
How Far Is It?: You put in the names of two places & it will tell you how far apart they are (as the crow flies). Very cool.
The Geographic Learning Site: "You'll learn all about the U.S. Department of State: the interesting countries where U.S. Diplomats work; geographic Hot Spots and Cool Sites; and more!
National Geographic Kids: The National Geographic Society's web site for kids...lots of info & fun, too.


Neill's Geology For Kids: This is a great site full of information on the many aspects of geology. A great place to start gathering information & very kid friendly.
Make Your Own Fossil: Simple instruction on how to make your own "fossil."
Museum of Dirt: An interactive web site that lets you look at dirt samples from all over the world.
Mineral Matters: Site by the San Diego Natural History Museum. Has lots of good information on mineral, information on growing your own crystals, & games to play.
Discover How Rocks Are Formed: Has animation showing how three different types of rock are formed.
Project Earth Science: This site focuses mostly on North Carolina, but is a great source for information on geology.
Virtual Geology Project: Sponsored by the UNC Geology Department, this is another great resource for information on geology.
Reed Gold Mine: Reed Mine is where the first documented discovery of gold in the US was located. Has some interesting information.

Girl Scouting Around The World

Helpful Links for Thinking Day: My list of Thinking Day links. Has links for info about many different countries.
Thinking Day Central: Another good page of resources & links for Thinking Day.
World Guiding: Has information on Scouting & Guiding in other countries.
International Friends: Learn about life in another country & print out your own paper doll from that country.
Peace Corp Kids: Learn about different parts of the world & what the Peace Corp is doing there.

Girl Scouting In

Girl Scouts of the USA Web Site: The official GSUSA site.
Girl Scouts Yesterday & Today: Lots of good information about Juliette Low, the Promise & Law then & now, etc.
Girl Scout History: A good page with some basic information.
Merana's Scout Site specializing in Girl Scout and International Uniforms: Good site to see uniforms from many periods & countries.
Time line of Girl Scout History: Good outline of major events
Early Scouting Newspaper Articles: Great old (1910's through 1960's)newspaper articles about Girl Scouts.
LInks to Girl Scout History & Collectibles Sites: Lots of links to help you learn more about Girl Scout history.

Healthy Relationships

Making Friendship Journals: A fun activity for girls to make for each other or another special person.
Friendship Bracelets: How to make friendship bracelets. Easy to follow illustrations.

Ms. Fix It

411 Home Repair: Information on making improvements & repairs to your home.
HomeABC.com: Guides & tips for making home improvements.

Music Lover
& Musician

Girl Scout Songs: A great site that not only gives you lyrics, but you can actually listen to the songs being sung!.
Sing Along Midis: Has some great songs, with music & lyrics. From the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
Camp fire Sing-A-Long: Lyrics to lots of camp fire songs.
Legend Productions: Melinda Caroll's music company. She makes wonderful Girl Scout music!
Bash The Trash: Making music out of materials you wouldn't normally think of.

Now & Then: Stories from Around the World

Encyclopedia Mythica : Has information on the stories, legends, & myths os many cultures.
Folk Stories From Southern Nigeria: A text-only page that is full of stories...it's basically a book on-line.
Folk Stories of Taiwan: Has seven stories & some information on Taiwan.
Folk-lore and folk-stories of Wales: Another on-line book, full of information & stories.
Mythology of India: Has stories, common terms and a list of characters from Indian mythology.
The Rain Stick: Instructions on how to make a rain stick & the story behind them.
Native American Legends, Folk Tales, and Stories: Currently has stories from two different tribes.
Native American Lore: Has over 100 Native American stories from various tribes.
Mayan Folk Tales: A handful of folk tales from Mayan culture.
Palestinian Folktales: Has two stories from Palestine.
Folk Tales of Russia and the Ukraine: Has over thirty stories. A good resource.
Black Opal Page of Magickal Stories : Has stories from all around the world.

Pet Care

Pets For Kids: Information on the care of common pets from dogs to rats & hamsters. Good resource.
Home made Dog Treats: Recipes for dog treats you can make for your favorite pooch.
Kitty Kottage Kitty Treats: Recipes for kitty treats you can make for your favorite feline.

Safety Sense

To Be Safe Home Page: Information on safety for situations of all sorts. Has sample safety fun sheets you can download.
Safety Tips & Fire Prevention Information: Has information on fire safety, first aid, & links to more safety sites.

Science (Sleuth,
In Action, In
Everyday Life)

Chem4Kids: A good kid's science site with information & activities in Chemistry, Biology, & more!
Bizarre Control Panel: A collection of classic science experiments (the kind that most have at least heard of, if not tried.)
Science Toys: Science toys you can make out of household items.
Cool Science For Kids: This site focuses mostly on biology, & has some great info!
Science In Action Badge: Activities you can use to complete the Science in Action badge.
Science Sleuth Badge: Activities you can use to complete the Science Sleuth badge

Sky Search

Prarie Hills Girl Scout Council's Helpful Links for the Sky Search Badge:Lots of links to help troops earn this badge. A great resource!
NASA Web Site: The official web site of NASA
Kennedy Space Center: The official web site of the Kennedy Space Center
Eclipses Through The Ages: Tells about eclipses, the myths & legends behind them, & more.
Hands-On Universe : LOTS of activities & information about stars, asteroids, etc.
Hands-On Universe Girl Scouts: Activities to help you complete the requirements for this badge. A great resource!


Glossary of Theater Terms: Has a list of theater terms & definitions, with a word search, crossword puzzle & scramble to help learn the words.


All About Nature - Animal Print-outs: Information & coloring pages about almost any animal you can think of
Not Just For Kids - RRR AnimalsLinks to lots of animal related sites
Defenders of Wildlife from Kid's Planet: A great site with games, activities, & more!
Wildlife Conservation Society Kid's Site: Another good site with information & activities.
Animals, Myths, & Legends: Information on Wombats, coyotes, turtles, & kangaroos.

Women's Stories/ Women Today

Distinguished Women of Past & Present: Has important women in various fields, from activism to veterinary medicine.
National Women's Hall of Fame: Information on notable women who made advances in many areas.
Woman Veterans of the US Military: Information on women who have served in the US Armed Forced since the Revolutionary War.
Famous Girl Guides & Girl Scouts: A good list of famous women who were Guides or Scouts.
National Women's History Project: Lots of information on women's history, as well as links to other women's history sites.
Women's History Month: Sponsored by a Feminist foundation, this site gives a lot of information on women's history.
National Museum of Women In the Arts: This museum in DC also has special programs for Girl Scouts.
Notable Women of the United States Tell About Themselves: Has information about famous women in US history, & links to more information.
Careers for Women: From the GSUSA web site; has interview with women in various careers.
How much do you know about women's history?: A 10 question quiz (with answers at the bottom) on women's history.
Women's History Month Links: A pretty thorough list of links relating to women's history.

Junior Girl Scout Signs Links



Sign of the Satellite

Junior Girl Scout Troop 5414's Sign of the Satellite Page: Tells what this troop did to earn their Sign of the Satellite & has some helpful links.

Generally Helpful Junior Badge Links

Site Name


Junior Badge Helps & Worksheets for Stations

This site is wonderful! Includes worksheets for lots of different Junior badges & other awards. Good for helping get girls (& yourself) organized. Files can be viewed with Microsoft Word, but if you don't have it, despair not! There is a link to download Microsoft Word Viewer on the site as well!

Zoom School

An on-line elementary classroom with lessons in geography, biology, language arts, and early childhood activities. This is a great site for kids.

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