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This webpage was first set up in 1997 when I was totally new to the hobby. It was my intention to contribute to this budding interest in scorpions. It was hosted by the Singnet internet service provider. However, due to long period of extremely busy schedule, it was neglected after August 1998. Since then, I have received over 18000 hits and many requests for links, updates, comments (mostly favourable) etc. from the internet community. I have also received awards for being in Lycos top 5% education website and so on.
However, the high cost of hosting my webpage with Singnet make me decide to 'jump ship' to Tripod. I hope my updated webpage does not disappoint. Many of the older (nicer) pictures are replaced with my own to make this webpage more truly my personal effort. All pictures belong to me unless otherwise stated or indicated.

Javascript is used quite extensively and most pages are frames (sorry for non-frames browser). A total of 22 pages, 19 midi and 90 pictures are included. Much of the page is created by typing the HTML myself...... but alas I succumb to the dumb WYSWIG editors halfway through.

The webpage is organised in this manner:

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About this page- you're here
Scorpion in brief
  1. Classification
  2. Distinguishing features
  3. Ancestry
  4. Number of species
  5. Size attainable
  6. Lifespan
  7. Prey and predator
  8. Distribution
  9. Behaviour
  10. Mating



You know those dry stuffs

Sexual dimorphism
  1. Secondary sexual characteristics of scorpions (nothing exciting....)
  2. Misconceptions
Fact file
  1. UV flourescence
  2. Scorpions in sea
  3. Astronomer/navigator
  4. Prolonged pregnancy
  5. Accessories 101
  1. Selection
  2. Accomodation
  3. Substrate
  4. Handling
  5. Behaviour
  6. Food
  7. Moulting/humidity
  8. Parasites
  9. Mating/birth
  10. Care of youngs
Care sheets

Awaiting re-contributions from others now that my HDD was wiped out......

Venom and toxin


Local scorpions
  1. Scorpions in Singapore
  2. Personal encounters and resources
  3. Descriptions of species
  1. Books and papers
  2. Internet links
Personal profile

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