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(The breakfast of champions!)

Here's a treat for brekkie!



2-3 slices of hot buttered toast,1 tbsp butter,2 tsp flour,1/4 cup milk,3/4 cup of grated cheese(your choice),1/4 tsp mustard,1 tsp worecestershire sauce,pepper to taste.


Melt butter in a saucepan, add flour, stir in well.Add milk and stir till boiling.Remove from heat, add cheese and other ingredients stir till cheese has melted.Spread mixture onto toast and place under griller(broiler)until golden brown

You can add parsley sprigs if you like, just as a garnish!

(simple and oh! so yummy)

Another brekkie treat!

*Scrambled eggs...ala Linda

Scrambled eggs


2 eggs (per person),2 tbsp milk (per person),chopped parsley,2 rashers (strips) of bacon (per person),2 tbsp grated cheese (per person)


Dice the bacon and fry till cooked, but still soft,while this is cooking, beat the eggs and milk together,add chopped parsley,salt&pepper(to taste)and the cheese.

Drain bacon, return to pan and add the egg mixture,fold (don't stir) it's best to use a fork for this!cook till there are no runny parts, serve on or with toast!(easy)

You can also add, diced tomatoes, or any herbs you like!


bushmans breakfast


2 lamb loin chops, 2 thick sausages, 2 rashers bacon, 100g mushrooms, 1 large tomato (cut in half), 2tbs grated cheddar cheese, 1tbs oil, 2 eggs.


Trim chops of excess fat, pierce sausages with a fork. Place chops and sausages on oiled grill tray, cook under high heat for 2 minutes, turn, cook 2 minutes, continue cooking chops and sausages until they are done to your liking.

In a pan, fry bacon until crisp, remove, keep warm, add mushrooms, cook briefly, keep warm, after4 minutes of cooking time, place tomato, cut side down on grill tray, cook for 2 minutes, turn, sprinkle with cheese on top, cook until tender, about 3 minutes before serving, heat oil in frying pan, cook eggs over low heat, serve with cooked meat, tomato, bacon and mushrooms.

Serves 2