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 Last Clan Standing Tournament

thursday, march 4                                                           HPB: FITH winners. LPB: 4 clans left

FITH won over ZuG for the HPB finals. So that division is officially closed. Congratulation FITH. ZuG won over DC for their LPB game. That leaves 4 clans in the LPB division. FITH vs PB and ZuG vs S6. I hope we'll be able to play those games in the next week. The QuakeMarines Models will be attributed after the winner of LPB division has been decided.

saturday, february 20                                                                            3rd round tournament

Ok... we've been kind of inactive recently, but the quakeworld community is raising from the deads once again. The ZuG vs DC match will be played tomorrow night @ 9est. I'm trying to work on others games. I'll get back to you soon. Since ZGR has disbanded/inactive, ZuG will take their place for the finals of the HPB division. I know ZuG isn't as good as ZGR was, but I don't wanna look out for a clan to take their place for the finals and I also don't want to get a forfeit in finals.

saturday, january 2                                                                            3rd round tournament   

The 3rd round is ready ! (not 4th, my mistake) By the way, happy new years guys ! Game are starting in 5 days. That should give time to the lasts clans to get ready. Cya !

Monday, november 30                                                                            2nd round tournament   

The 2nd round tournament schedule is up ! Everything is on the schedule page. Make sure to check the day and time I scheduled your game. Only 2 games were unplayed from round 1 and they are rescheduled. See you on the fragging field and Have fun !

Wednesday, november 25                                                                             1st round tournament   

2 others game played on time. I would like to thanks the Rangers and the Muppet Clan. This is the 1st time I see a game starting within 5 minutes from the scheduled time. @ 8est, they were all ready on the channel. @ 8:05, the game was started. No hassle for the server as well as no problem for the number of players. Great job !

Tuesday, november 24                                                                             1st round tournament   

Half of the 1st tournament round have been played. Thanks a lot to clans for playing your game on time.. Though half of you seems to miss that I schedule the games. The schedule is under on the schedule page. Make sure you get a little farther then just again who you play. Thanks.