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Earl Rumsey Durand
artist - sculptor






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For many years, as "Artist in Residence" for the New York State Parks Department, Durand became known locally, for his demonstration of the lost art of wood sculpture. Using native Basswood and an unlikely tool, the chainsaw, he produced sculptures unlike those of typical chainsaw carvers. To effect fine detail on the pieces, the artist employed mallet and chisel.

Carvings ranged in subject from American Eagles to Famous Persons, and many were done in a humorous form for which the artist coined the word "Funonial".

Original sculptures are usually created in clay, molds are made, and the pieces hand cast in the Durand Studio, or sent out to be cast at a bronze foundry. One of Durand's sculptures is a 6 1/2 foot [life-size] Sturgeon, which was commissioned bya museum, where it is now on display. This piece was cast in bronze at the Tallix Foundry.

    Some of the work done in the past.....

    Prototypes for Avon
    Drafting & Mold making for a Display House for many years
    Dioramas for 3-D Photos by Xograph, formerly of NYC
    Ultraviolet Paintings for Information Centers
    Bas-Reliefs of Public Figures for Presentation
    Carving for the well-known Stickley Furniture Company
    Restoration at the historic village of New Harmony, Indiana
    Carving of King Kamahameha displayed on Kauai, Hawaii
    Medical Models of the various stages of Pre-Birth Babies
    Models of Fish and Wildlife for museums
    Restoration at Boldt Castle on the St. Lawrence River
    Architectural Effects for the Schweinfurth & Cayuga Museums
    Full-Size Bronzes of Carmen Basilio & Billy Backus, for the
                International Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, NY
    Design & Creation of Mobile Display Units. The most recent, a
                Medieval Castle titled "Dragon's Feast", which is touring fairs.
    A Medal for the Hamilton Mint in their "Sculptor's America" Series.
    Durand's Medal is titled: "Opening The West" . The Mint referred to
               Durand as " of America's finest sculptors."

Durand Sculpture is collected throughout the world, and being adept in many mediums, handling diverse subjects and styles, the artist has been referred to as "A Renaissance Man". His LOVE, however, is for the REALISTIC/CLASSICAL....and his painting style is that of The Hudson River School of Art.

Some of Durand's newest sculptures...

NORMAN'S SADDLE - A cowboy carrying saddle and rifle
        This Western Art Sculpture is available in Bonded Bronze
        For foundry bronze, it must be specially ordered.
        "Norman's Saddle" is 1/2 life-size

MOUNTING CHEROKEE - A cowboy mounting spirited horse
        This Western Art Sculpture is planned for Foundry Bronze
        "Mounting Cherokee" is 1/2 life-size
        The sculpture has considerable action in both the cowboy and the horse. The artist used his own experience in mounting one of the family's horses - CHEROKEE, a "cowboy trained" horse. Some of the singular action of the their Missouri Fox Trotter, ZANE'S GOLDEN EAGLE, can be seen in the piece as well.

HIGH MOUNT - A cowboy high over his horse.
        This Western Art Sculpture will be available for special order, in foundry bronze.  "High Mount" is 1/2 life-size, and has a sense of the wildness of the west in the flow of the cowboy's body while mounting a spirited horse.

TEXAS LONGHORN - A Texas Longhorn heiffer.
        "Texas Longhorn" is 1/2 life-size, and has the body-type of the earlier cattle that roamed the state.  It is complimentary to the previous Western Sculptures Durand has done.

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