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The artist demonstrating wood sculpture at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, New York. The photos are included as a way to demonstrate the large size of these sculptures.

As "Artist In Residence" at the fair for many years, viewers were drawn to the action of the chainsaw, which the artist uses to begin each Basswood carving.

After the "roughing out" process, the piece is thoroughly dried and fine detailing is added using mallet and chisels. In some cases, other media is used to complete the piece, either for stabilizing or to facilitate finer detail.

Most pieces on this page are available.

"Mad Hatter" in the "Funonial" style
wood carving with mixed-media

See how "Mad Hatter" began,
at the top of this page

"Henry Hudson Man" in the "FUNONIAL" style
wood carving with mixed-media

"Gnome in Blue" "Gnome with Tool" "Tolkien Figure"
wood carvings with mixed-media

"Don Quixote" wood carving & mixed media

This is an impressive, large piece

"Pirate" in the "Funonial" style
woodcarving and mixed-media

"Pied Piper" wood sculpture
mixed-media in "Funonial" style

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