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Electrical Engineering Faculty, IIT Delhi

The Department has 39 regular faculty and 2 emeritus professors. The Department is currently hiring.  For more information about faculty positions in the department, click here.
Important Forms for Faculty    Faculty Album
Aditya Sheel                 ( Microwaves, Microwave Integrated Circuits, Printed Antennas, Integrated optics.
Bhatia CM             ( Power Electronics, Machine Control, Microprocessor Applications.
Bhatt RKP                   ( lmage Processing and Adaptive Systems.
Bhim Singh                 ( Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives.
Bhowmik Basabi   ( Neural Networks, Computer aided design of LSI/VLSI.
Bhuvaneshwari G      ( Power Electronics
Bijwe PR                 ( Power System Analysis, Optimization, Operation Control, HVDC.
Bose Ranjan              ( Communications, VLSI
Chadha Devi(Ms) ( Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuits, Integrated Optics.
Chatterjee JK                 ( Electrical Machines and Power Electronics, Microprocessor based Control of Motors.
Chadhury S            ( Computer Vision, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia.
Gopal M                  ( Computer Control, Roboust Control, Intelligent Control, Robotics & Automation.
Gupta HM              ( Communications Systems, Computer Networks, Multimedia, Photonic Systems.
Hanmandlu M     ( Computer Vision, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence.
Jagadesh Kumar M ( Microelectronics, Semiconductor Power Devices, Device Modelling & Simulation. 
Jayadeva                ( Biological and Artificial Neural Networks, Optimization, VLSI Design, Chaos.
Jain VK                      ( Noise Study & Modelling, Digital Communications, Optical Communications & Computer Networks.
Jamuar SS              ( Electronic Circuits, Communication Systems, Microprocessor based Instrumention, Expert Systems.
Jha AN                       ( Optimal Control,State & Parameter Estimation in Distributed Systems, Robobust Identification.
Joshi SD                   ( Statistical Signal Processing, Image Processing, Communications.
Kar IN                        ( Control Theory
Kar Subrat                 (  Photonic Switching, High Speed Optical  Networks, Computer Networks.
Kothari, ML             ( Power System Control, Stability, Protection, and Computer Applications.
Mallik Ranjan K.       ( Communication, Theory and Systems,Difference Equations,Linear Algebra.
Mathur MC             ( Applied Systems Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Socio-economic and Transportation Systems. 
Murthy SS             ( Electrical Machines, Drives, Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, Energy Audit/Conservation.
Nagchoudhury D          ( Solid State Device, Microelectronics Technology and VLSI Design.
Patney RK             ( Digital Signal Processing, Computer Architecture, Microprocessor based Systems.
Prakriya S           ( Signal Processing
Prasad Surendra       ( Signal Processing, Communication, Radar, Sonar, Speech and Image Processing.
Prasad VC            ( Electronic Circuits, Communication Systems, Microprocessor based Instrumention, Expert Systems.
Ravikumar CP      ( VLSI & CAD Testing, High Performance Computing Networks, Fault Tolerance, Parallel Processing.
Roy S                           ( Power Systems Control, Application of Power Electronics, Energy Systems Modelling.
Singh BP                  ( Analysis and Design of Electrical Machines Control of Drives.
Umesh Kumar            ( Circuit Theory, Solid State Devices and  Circuits, Computer Aided Network Design.
Vinod Chandra      ( Communication Systems, Fault Tolerant Computing, Microprocessors, Optical Communication.
Visweswaran GS    ( Neural Networks, Computer Aided Design of LSI/VLSI, Digital and Analog VLSI.
Uma Balaji           ( Microwave

  Emeritus Professors :

Dr S.C Dutta Roy ( Passive & Active Network Synthesis, Solid state Circuits, Distributed & Neural Networks, Digital Signal Processing.
Prof. J. Nanda ( Power System Analysis, Quality, Stability, Optimization, Control,Neural Network, Parallel Computing.