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December 1999
Issues for the Month




Saturday December 25 
U.N. To Enter Hijacking Standoff
                      By AMIR SHAH Associated Press Writer

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - A dayafter a hijacked Indian Airlines plane
began a terrifying odyssey acrosswestern Asia and into the Middle East,
the captors on Saturday issued theirfirst public demands: India must free a
  Pakistani religious leader and several Kashmir fighters.

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December 22, 1999 10:30 PM
Developments in Caravan to Big Mountain.
Update on Midwestern Caravan to Big Mountain, Arizona

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Tuesday, 21 December, 1999,
Disaster - but was it natural?
 Leaping for their lives in Caracas: The cities lure the poor into a trap

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December 16, 1999
Emergency! Pretrial hearing of anti-racist! 

On Tuesday, December 21, at 12:30PM, at the downtown
courthouse in Ann Arbor, Robin Alvarez will have a picket of her pre-trial hearing.

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December 16, 1999
Security agency's eavesdropping fuels network paranoia

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December 15, 1999 3:05 PM
LAPD Scandal: 3,300 Cases Under Review

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December 15, 1999
GM-FOOD: Open Letter from World Scientists to
All Governments

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December 14, 1999

   Boris Yeltsin put his most powerful nuclear missiles
   on full alert last night in what was seen as a dramatic
   warning to the West over Chechnya.

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Demo in solidarity w/ NYC Transit Workers--WED 12/15

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Three child offenders scheduled for execution in January
December 13, 1999

A new {Amnesty International report} shows how the USA is set to open the 21st century with a triple human rights violation of a type which almost every other country has consigned to history: the execution of {child} offenders.

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Dec. 13, 1999
The Frankenfoods Fifteen(see list at end)


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December 10, 1999
Brazil: URGENT ACTION - Secret Forest Destruction Deal
Brazil agrobusiness and ranchers in secret forest destruction deal.
Vote to legalize massive new forest destruction could come

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Brazil state goes to war on crops

State to pay farmers to eliminate genetically modified varieties.

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December 9, 1999
Justice Department Convenes Domestic Violence Conference in Flagstaff To Assist Native American Women

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Mining Hall of Shame Awards for Dineh Protestors
               disrupt corp. mining interests ceremonies.

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Tuesday, December 07, 1999
Congressional Testimony on Dangers of BGH-Milk

MILK , does a body NO GOOD.  With the
atmosphere, the water and food supply blown I
suppose theres no scacred cow left to pollute.

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December 05, 1999
Farmers sticking with biotech crops
Minnesota farmer Mark Ufer was ready to
swear off genetically engineered crops two months ago. He figured the
growing controversy over biotech food would make it easier to sell
conventional corn and soybeans next year.
Now that it is time to order next year's seed, he has changed his mind.

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December 04, 1999
Seattle MD testifies Re: Police Brutality
"Crowd Control"; News management & Martial Law in Seattle - Expert
eyewitness account.

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WTO Talks End in Failure  
The Associated Press
Dec 4 1999

SEATTLE (AP) - The push for new global trade talks collapsed in a major defeat for the Clinton administration, leaving labor and environmental activists cheering today as weary, disappointed negotiators wondered how to go forward.

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December 4, 1999
Congo Conflict Reignites

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December 4, 1999
Washington Will Not Prosecute Patients

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December 04, 1999
Murder in Monte Carlo - Billionaire Killed

This is probably THE story of the week and yet only noted in the "obit's" .   CNN slipped by
carrying live footage for a while yesterday but as everyone can tell its suddenly been dropped.

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December 3, 1999
New Mexico Pueblo Receive Threats Of Violence

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December 03, 1999
on the occasion of the Third Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organization

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Help Needed in New Hampshire
Thu, 2 Dec 1999

Please let us know by e-mail (freedomcampaign@aol.com) or phone
(603-588-2916) of any dates you would be available during December and
January to join us in New Hampshire.

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11 Million Children Worldwide Orphaned By AIDS, NY Times Says Bloomberg News
Dec 2 1999
New York, Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) --
More than 11 million children worldwide have been orphaned by AIDS since the epidemic began in 1981, the New York Times reported, citing a United Nations report.

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December 01, 1999
Weekly Vigil's in D.C. will Christmas for Peltier!!!

Starting December 1st we are having a vigil every wednesday
night untill Christmas.

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Protests Disrupt WTO Session  
The Associated Press
Dec 1 1999 

SEATTLE (AP) - Stunned by violent street protests, officials at a 135-nation trade gathering insisted they would push ahead with their effort to launch a new round of talks aimed at breaking down barriers to global commerce.

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November 1999
Issues for the Month


November 30
Jacking in from the "Sticks and Stones" Port:
The latest on virus wars and government electronic survailence.

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Packer sets up Big Brother data store
Tue, 30 Nov 1999
Australia goes operational with Data Warehouse of populations personal information. A one stop source of every minute detail of an individuals life and activities. Brought to you by, who else, the United States.
Packer sets up Big Brother data store

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Tue, 30 Nov 1999


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Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999

Is Big Brother spying on you?
More on ECHELON - NSA and the Global Web of survailence.

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November 30, 1999

This is perhaps the most crucial piece of lobbying we can do as this
particular group of agencies presents the most serious threat to civil liberties to our society
to date.  With the advent of technology and the realative ease for abuse this call to action
is probably the most important thing anyone can do for not only their own right to privacy
but the protection of civil rights for generations to come.

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View From the Hogan 8

As we now enter the holiday season, the spectre of forced
relocation for the Dineh grows ever closer and the plight
of these wonderful people need our attentions and efforts.
Please take a moment and read this latest communique
and this season put them at the top of the list.  You can
make a difference and as the spirit of this season motivates
one to reach out and help, here is the place and now is the time.

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November 27, 1999
Russian Gen Says US to destroy ABM treaty
             Yet another "Nay" vote on the world stage for
             dangerous new US Nuke plans.

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November 26, 1999
Egyptian pilot says missile or bomb caused crash

Theories on Egypt Air 990 and Am.Adv. Analysis
Simply the most bizarre investigation  to date and
probably second only to the magic bullet Warren
commission fantasy.

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Friday November 26, 1999
Domestic Political Prisoners and the sorrid tales behind them.
              This feature - Black Panther Pary to Mumia Abu Jamal

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Friday November 26, 1999
 Mass Graves Found in East Timor

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Monsanto wins UK court battle over test sites
November 25, 1999

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 NIGERIA: Fears of human rights violations as troops pour into Niger Delta
November 23, 1999

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China rejects US anti-missile defense

Another no-go opinion on the world stage regarding
US plans to abandon the ABM  Treaty of 1972.

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November 22, 1999
Chem trails
ChemTrail update and Viral Warfare Testing. 

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Citizens Against Violent Crime (CAVC) general report

Nov. 21, 1999
The War to end California's Draconian sentencing Laws is on!

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November 19, 1999
Action Call to help Palestinian Girl Held
by Israeli Forces

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Friday November 19, 1999
54 Countries Adopt New European   Security Charter

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Mexico Rebuffs Future U.S. Drug War Support

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Urgent Call to Action
Stop Byrd Amendment

November 18, 1999
West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd - is at it again.
He is a very powerful Senator!! We need people to call the Capitol tonight
and tomorrow to get their state
Senators to vote against Senator Bird's Anti-Environmental Rider Bill.

Full Story and Information on our Native page, Environmental page
and our Domestic Page - Click Here


Run a political web site, go to jail?
FEC rules challenged...

Free Speech assault by way of Campaign/Election
Laws.  Strange but true; speak politically and electronically
your now subject to prosecution by not filing as a Political
Action Committee.

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The Complete, Unofficial
TEMPEST Information Page

November 17, 1999
Celebrating almost three years of public disclosure, and one-stop shopping
for TEMPEST info...

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Standing Deer is Very Sick
November 17, 1999

Seriously ill yet being denied adequate and
appropriate medical care is  specifically "cruel and
unusual" and we're encouraging all to help participate
in seeing this issue addressed and resolved immediately.

Full Details & Information on our Petitions Page or our Native Page - Click Here

November 17, 1999 9:21 PM
Truth Freedom & Remembering the FBI Killing
Black Panthers

  March & Rally in Salt Lake City for the cause, 
Free Mumia & End the Drug War
The rally begins at 2:30 pm.  Various political and human rights
organizations will be represented.  RAISE YOUR VOICE IN DEFENSE OF THE
DEFENSELESS! FOR MORE DETAILS CONTACT 801-530-3687 or email plasma@aros.net.

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Nov. 18th give ole Janet Reno a ring and request an
investigation into Peltier's case and to free Leonard.  An easy
action event that only requires a finger and a couple of sentences.
Your call CAN make a difference.

Full Story and Information on our Peltier, Native or Events pages - Click Here


Iraq nails US Aircraft,
two dead and US media silent.

              This is not the way to honor Americas children sent
              to warzones who risk and give their lives.  Silent Wars
              are not silent to relatives and friends who bear the loss.

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November 16, 199
Bush offends Indians with remark on laws

Indigenous Peoples should note that this candidate for President of the most
powerful nation on earth is not going to be acting with their best
interests in mind.

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Two Great Dineh Leaders Pass Away

Two great Dineh leaders pass away and leave
a legacy that is an example of magnificence
in personal perseverance, courage, honor and dedication.
Heaven is far wealthier and the loss will be greatly felt by
all those who've been inspired by them and all of those
who strive to follow their lead..

Full Story on Our Black Mesa or Our In Memory Of Page - Click Here


November 16, 1999
More on Flight 990

An interesting take on the Egypt Air 990 Crash and the unusual
investigation that has ensued.  The latest victim in what's now being referred
to as EMP ALLEY, the Bermuda Triangle of the North Atlantic; the spin
and obvious reality diverge further and further apart.


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Press Release from Dennis Banks

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Special Ameri-Advocate / One Global One Bulletin:
Fred Buma

November 10, 1999  
      Ameri-Advocate / One Global One's European Director, Fred Buma
had a stroke last night and is currently undergoing surgery. 

      Mr. Buma was the first International Desk to open for these
organizations and his contributions have been extra-ordinary and
included developing Media and Political Databases, tactical Info
coordination globally and the phenomenal task of demonstration
organization in Europe and elsewhere on behalf of Big Mountain/Black
Mesa, East Dakota AIM. 

      To list the entirety of his contributions, to not only this
organization, but the wealth of others he tirelessly strived to help
would require a novel length list. 

     His selfless zeal in fighting for right, combined with his warm hearted
love for people and the planet, for which he lives, has been nothing
short of an inspiration to us all.  His absence leaves a vacuum that
could never truly be filled.  Our love and prayers are with him and
for his family at this tenuous moment and we pray for a quick

     Letters of well wishes and prayers may be sent
to smithorg@bellatlantic.net or any of the AA moderators
and they will be forwarded by FEDEX to him in Amsterdam.

Please follow Mr. Buma's progress on a page dedicated only
to Fred Buma & his family   - Click Here -



  Saturday November 13, 1999 
U.S. Steps Up Drug War in Colombia 

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November 12, 1999

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November 12, 1999
SEATTLE WTO / Indigenous Peoples participation

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November 12, 1999 9:13 AM
Islamabad Pakistan-
US/UN targeted by mobile missile attack

US and UN targets were hit by mobile missiles in Islamabad Pakistan
today.  Three vehicles were destroyed near US and UN facilities. No
deaths have been reported nor injuries at this time.

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Compilation on Intelligence Activities
brought to by our favorite corespondent, Magical Zombie Cow.
Its well done and a must read in staying abreast of
the global mess.

Full Story on our International and VWARS Page - Click Here


November 11, 1999

Full Story and Details on our Domestic Page, Click Here


NTSB Confirms Enterprise Mission Scenario on Egypt Air Flight 990

The implications raised in this post are quite disturbing.  Could the
VWARS testing now progressed to a shuddering new low?

Full Story on our Domestic or our International Pages - Click Here


Our Embarrassing War Against Drugs
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999

Full Story and History on our Domestic Page - Click Here


Shake-up at the IMF,
And the Global Shake-up Yet to Come

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November 10, 1999

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An Interesting study on Egypt Air 990 from a more
esoteric approach.

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Pentagon's Cyber-War
November 9, 1999
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VWARS page, Domestic News or International News pages.


The West Nile "LIKE" Virus - Plum Island Investigation

Obviously something we assumed from the beginning and now
investigated as such.

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November 9, 1999
For the Full Story, click over to our International page

Milk and Monsanto

A book "MILK-The Deadly Poison", leaks secrets learned in 1994.
That secret: Laboratory animals got  cancer from a new additive that is now in our milk,
cheese and ice cream. FDA knew  the truth but they hid it. MONSANTO knew the
truth but they also did everything in their power to cover it up.

Learn the TRUTH on our Monsanto or our Domestic pages


November 09, 1999
Monsanto and GM hormones

Lobby Congress Now for FULL DISCLOSURE on its collusion
with Monsanto.  FDA Approval of dangerous introductions into
the global food supply should be reversed and exposed.

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New Religion in China Serious Threat to State Security
Falun Gong Outnumbers Communist Party
November 9, 1999

Falun Gong, a mixture of Buddhism and founder Master Li's
special, slow-motion exercises, is sweeping China, where it is

Click over to our International Page for the full story.


Civil Rights Panel to Investigate
Indian Deaths,SD

November 7 ,1999
Get the Full Story.  Click over to our Domestic, South Dakota, Native or our EDCAIM page now.


Mexico Conference

Corn Production in the New Millennium,
Implications for Mexico-  January 6th,7th and 8th, 2000, in Cuernavaca,

Click over to our Events Page for full details.


I think not only that this is a wonderful idea but we should solidly get
behind it and proliferate it.  Peace, what a concept.



This is a 24 hour concept where no guns are fired anywhere on earth, including on television.

What if:
for 24 hours, whosoever was at war in December 1999, agrees that for one whole day, no guns would be fired. The silence would be golden.

What if:
the television programmers of the world agreed NOT to air any programming with a violent content?

At present, this ONE DAY IN PEACE concept is beginning to get further circulation. Can you spread this concept so that a possibility might become a reality?

This is a 'thought-wave campaign' - that is to say, the more people who grasp this thought, the more it comes into reality.

 Please pass it on.
Live,Love,Laugh and Be Happy


US Pushes Missile defense Despite Opposition

US going forward with breaking ABM Treaty in the face of world wide opposition.
A very dangerous move in highly tenuous times.

Find the full story on our Domestic or International Page - click here


Maxygen Announces $6.7 Million Grant from DARPA to Develop Aerosolized Vaccines

Redwood City, CA, September 28, 1999. Maxygen announced today that it
has received a $6.7 million three-year grant from the Defense Advanced
Research Agency (DARPA) to use its proprietary MolecularBreedingT
directed evolution technology (also known as "DNA Shuffling") to develop
aerosol-based vaccines to protect against a broad spectrum of pathogens.

Full Story on our Environmental and our Domestic Page - Click Here


Colombia: 3000 Displaced Fleeing Military Attacks
November 5, 1999
Get the Full story on our International Page - Click Here


Chemtrail/Contrail Mystery Spraying Solved?
November 5, 1999
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Camp Justice Rally Nov. 6th -
the Pine Ridge Saga continues and
support is needed.

Full Story and Schedule on Our Native Page or our EDCAIM Page - Click Here


November 03, 1999
New Federal rip-off of Native Americans

HUD (Housing and Urban Development) has let down Native Americans in a
most duplicitous way. Native American tribes depend on HUD finances to
operate drug elimination programs, because HUD's partnership with tribal
housing authorities includes the availability of grant monies to
establish such programs.

For the Full Story, Click over to our Native Page or our Domestic Page



November 4, 1999
Right Wing Extremist's threaten Oneida Tribe.  A very scary group which is atypical of hundreds of others that are armed and active worldwide.  The sudden rise of Fascist activism and terrorism worldwide is something everyone needs to unite against.

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Australia Blows Whistle on Echelon

The ranks of countries grows that suspect Echelon/ILEITS
is threatening their own national security.

Get the Full story on our Vwars Page - Click Here


National Day of Mourning '99

  It is that time of year again when we will soon meet at Cole's Hill in
  Plymouth for National Day of Mourning.
  This year, National Day of Mourning is part of a month of events dedicated
  to Native political prisoner Leonard Peltier.  The Leonard Peltier Defense
  Committee will be having activities in Washington, DC all month. 

Get the Full story and schedule click over to our Native page or our Petitions Page.



From 1 June to 31 October, the world exposition EXPO 2000 will take place
in Hannover. With the main theme of "Humankind Nature Technology",
solutions for the global problems of our time are to be displayed. 176
states, 16 international organizations and many leading business
enterprises will present themselves at the EXPO.  

Click for more info click over to our International Page


USAF begins to support Native American Industries. 
Finally cashflow to the most under capitalized segment of American society. 

Get the Full Story on our Domestic News Page for November  - Click Here


Clinton proclaims National American Indian Heritage Month
Get the full story on our Domestic Page for November- Click here


Genetic Engineering Action Alert! Call for Labeling!
Unlabeled, untested and you're eating it.

Nov. 1, 1999
In secret, genetically engineered foods are showing up on American grocery
shelves. Though other countries now label biotech food, the U.S. FDA still
does not require labels or safety tests. Don't you have the right to know
what's in your food? And if it's safe for your family?

Get the FULL story on our Domestic News page or our Petitions Page - Just Click

October 1999
Issues for the Month


SFLR News--Food Not Bombs and the City of San Francisco

October 31, 1999
Only in America could giving away food to the poor become a constant criminal act.   From the
front lines of the "war on the poor" the San Francisco escapades of the S.F.P.D. and Food Not Bombs, obviously another terrorist cell of humanity demanding the privilege to eat.

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US cattle fed manure and wood shavings

October 29, 1999

Beef producers in the US still use poultry litter as stock feed.

It should be noted that France is currently being investigated
by the EU for similar practices and worse contrary to the story's posted.

Get the full story on our Environmental News & Issues Page - Click Here


Speak Out for Black Mesa!

All Day Friday October 29, 1999 and
    All Day Monday November 1, 1999
Phone Calling, Faxing, Letter Writing

Full Story and Information on Black Mesa Page - Click Here
What you can DO and How on our Petitions Page - Click Here


Urgent Ward Valley alert

   BREAKING NEWS! U.S. Government breaks promise to Native Nations and public to stop proposed Ward Valley Dump Project, betrays environment and tribes!
    California Governor Davis appoints nuclear industry-dominated committee to "study" issue. 

Full Story and what you can do on our Petitions' Page - Click Here


Chinese Official Looks Upon U.S. As 'Rogue' State

October 28, 1999
I have to concur exactly with the Chinese analysis presented here on the
twin threats to international peace  and global stability.  The US desire
to abandon yet another treaty, the 1972 ABM Treaty and the US Senate's
act of lunacy by failing to lock in US nuclear superiority with the Test Ban
Treaty rejection presents a very serious and dangerous face on US intentions
and every nation on earth will find US credibility certainly suspect at the very l
east and downright strategically threatening at worst.  Something that if one
wants to encourage peace would be well advised to not present as their public face.


Chinese Official Looks Upon U.S. As 'Rogue' State
   (October 28, 1999 12:56 p.m. EDT
   http://www.nandotimes.com) - Like the United States, China
   says it is witnessing the potential emergence of a "rogue" state that
   could throw the world out of balance early in the next century.
   Washington warns that unpredictable regimes in nations such as North
   Korea and Iraq could one day develop long-range missiles and a
   handful of atomic bombs to engage in nuclear blackmail or worse.

Read the Full Story & Commentary on our International Page - Click Here


October 28, 1999
Mumia update: stay issued, protests continue

On Tuesday, October 26, 1999, Mumia was finally granted a stay of execution
by federal Judge Yohn. While this is most definitely wonderful news, we
should not take it as a chance to rest in our organizing.

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Route & schedule, introductory info, quotes from
support letters.
To encourage local Global Peace Walk events around
the world.

Click over to our Domestic News or
Our International News or
Our Petitions Pages for full Information.


"Chief Illiniwek" - call for immediate  action

Mon, 25 Oct 1999 10:33:33 -0500

        The National Coalition on Racism in Sports and   the Media calls for your
  immediate and sustained action.
       The University administration, conveniently   neglected to include the
  "Chief Illiniwek" issue in their required self-study, even though this had
  been requested and the Student-Faculty Senate had voted to eliminate the
  mascot (also 700 out of approx. 2100 UI faculty have expressed their
  opposition to this practice).

Get the Full Story and What you can do, Click over to our Petitions page here or
Our Domestic News Page here.


Call for Electronic Civil Disobedience -

Great find Fred!  Everyone, if there was an event worthy of our participation this one is it. I urge everyone to head  on over to this link and participate in this.  As long as the weapon trade is as big a business as it is, there will never be peace anywhere, only never ending conflicts with profits being made on both sides.  Make the effort to further world peace by joining in on this effort.


Wednesday 27th October 1999

Resident in Belgium for around 15 years (until being kicked out by the Belgium Parliament in 1997 for being "politically and ethically undesirable"), Technet 99 (also known as AFCEA) is the high tech arms fair. If you're looking for tanks and guns you will be disappointed - what you will find instead is a showcase for 21st century warfare - computer and intelligence systems, electronics and satellite communications etc. etc. These will be available to the highest bidder, and used against those whose aims run contrary to those of the buyer, be they of the same or other nations. Technet 99 has moved to London in the hope of an easy ride, and for a venue where it can continue to deal in death without hindrance. There is however, an alternative…

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Domestic News, International News or Our Petitions Pages - Click on Page Choice


US Government Drug Running Capers

CIA, DEA and the continuing saga of DRUGS , GUNS AND GOVERNMENT

Get the Full Story and Articles on Our Domestic News Pages - Click Here


Reports Showing U.S. Deliberately Bombed Chinese Embassy
Deliberately Ignored by U.S. Media
October 25, 1999

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Pacific News Service

HONG KONG -- The first crack in the US government's version of the May 7 bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade came from an agency of the US government. Now, five months later, the official story has crumbled almost entirely -- but you'd never know it from the US media.

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October 24, 1999
New Zealand's documented participation in Echelon and
ILEITS, the Global Cyber Warfare Conspiracy.

Get the Full Story on Our VWars Page - Click Here


Sat, 23 Oct 1999 
Sacred Lands Under Siege ::: Support Sovereign Dineh Nation

To weave for the Dine'h is a prayer of thanksgiving , "the
People" whom some call Navajo. Without their sheep
they cannot pray.

As of Feb1., 2000 this proud independent matriachal culture will be
forced once again to move to a "New Land", to be relocated,
which they have no word for in their language.

Read the Full Story on our Native Page
Sign the Petition linked to our Petitions Page


ompromise on Article 3?:   Self-determination

Negotiations going on now in Geneva at UN Headquarters on the Draft
Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Find out the Story on our Native Page - Click Here


October 23, 1999 6:03 PM
SWEDEN: After kill of union leader: Bombing of SAC in Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden
Joe Hill's Birthplace Bombed!

Approximately at 1 am this morning a powerful explosion rocked Gävle, a
middle-sized town in central Sweden.

The Swedish syndicalist union, SAC-Syndikaliisterna's local offices were the
target. The building housed not only the Local Federations and Industry
Secretary's offices but was also the birthplace of the well-known syndicalist
agitator, Joe Hill.

For the Full Story Click over to Our International Page - Click Here


Gov't develops Comp. Program to Screen Students *BATF leads effort*

   Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 
   What does a tax collection agency have to do with Juvenile Crime? 
   The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is developing a computer
   program to help school administrators spot troubled students who might be
   near the brink of violence, the NEW YORK TIMES is reporting in Sunday editions.

Full Story Here, On Our Domestic Page - Click here



         The first public meeting will be held on November 18 in Chicago, Ill.,
  followed by a second on November 30, in Washington, D.C., and a third on
  December 13, in Oakland, Calif. 
       The Food and Drug Administration announced a new initiative to engage
  the public about foods made using bioengineering. This initiative will
  begin with a series of public meetings to be held in Chicago, Ill.,
  Washington, D.C., and Oakland, Calif., this November and December.

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FBI prefers to take Pot smokers rather than Rapists IUFO: Release: marijuana arrests

Why are police arresting more dope smokers
than murderers, robbers, thugs, and rapists?

         WASHINGTON, DC -- Police are more eager to arrest people for
smoking marijuana than for murder, robbery, or rape, according to new
figures from the FBI -- and that's a criminal misuse of law enforcement
resources that puts innocent Americans at risk, the Libertarian Party
charged today.

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North Carolina Disaster relief: Where to give

Contact information to help hurricane flood victims in
North Carolina.  Please help and distribute info!

For full details see our Domestic Page - Click Here





  Urgent.  Get the latest information, with important corrections
  on our course of action, from International Concerned Family and Friends of
  Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Go to our Domestic Page for the Full Story - Click here


Urgent Banana Alert

October 20, 1999

Full Story on our International Page - Click Here


Honduras - March by Honduran Blacks and Natives met with bullets.

Environmental Issues and Government actions to be brought to to UN attention.

Full Story Click Here - Native Page


October 19, 1999


WE, INDIGENOUS PEOPLES from around the world, believe that nobody can own
what exists in nature except nature herself.   A human being cannot own its
own mother.  Humankind is part of Mother Nature, we have created nothing and
so we can in no way claim to be owners of what does not belong to us.  But
time and again, western legal property regimes have been imposed on us,
contradicting our own cosmologies and values.

WE VIEW with regret and anxiety how, Article 27.3b  of the Trade-Related
Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) of the World Trade
Organization (WTO) Agreements  will further denigrate and undermine our
rights to our cultural and intellectual heritage, our plant, animal, and
even human genetic resources and discriminate against our indigenous ways of
thinking and behaving. This Article makes an artificial distinction between
plants, animals, and micro-organisms and between "essentially biological"
and "microbiological processes" for making plants and animals. As far as we
are concerned all these are life forms and life creating processes which are
sacred and which should not become the subject of proprietary ownership.

WE KNOW that intellectual property rights as defined in the TRIPS Agreement
are monopoly rights given to individual or legal persons (e.g. transnational
corporations) who can prove that the inventions or innovations they made are
novel, involve an innovative step and are capable of industrial application.
The application of this form of property rights over living things as if
they are mechanical or industrial inventions is inappropriate. Indigenous
knowledge and cultural heritage are collectively and accretionally evolved
through generations. Thus, no single person can claim invention or discovery
of medicinal plants, seeds or other living things.

The inherent conflict between these two knowledge systems and the manner in
which they are protected and used will cause further disintegration of our
communal values and practices.  It can create divisions within indigenous
communities over which individual has ownership over a particular knowledge
or innovation. Furthermore, it goes against the very essence of  indigenous
spirituality which regards all creation as sacred.

See the FULL STORY and the PETITION --Click Here



October 19, 1999
  By Tom Scahill
  Buffalo, N.Y.
  Native people and their supporters shut down the Peace
  Bridge between the U.S. and Canada on Oct. 10. Traffic
  backed up for miles on both sides of the bridge. The
  protest--held on "Columbus Day"--demanded clemency for
  Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu-Jamal and all other political
  prisoners in the U.S.

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Genocidal Bill HR 1814

Congressional Bill HR1814 attempts to tax reservations.
Voice your opposition now to this major attack on Native Sovereignty.

Full Story on our Native Page or Petitions Page


October 13, 1999 5:30 PM

Gov. Ridge has signed the death warrant for Mumia Abu-Jamal.  His
execution date is set for December 2.  There will be demonstrations
across the country on Thursday, October 14.  There will be regional
demonstrations in Philadelphia and San Francisco on Saturday, October  16.

  Stop the Execution!

FULL story and schedule...Events Page - click here


OCTOBER 12, 1999
   Letter From The Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation, To:
   All Native American Tribes And Nations.

The Taino Tribal Council of Jatibonicu'
US Regional Tribal Affairs Office
703 South Eight Street
Vineland New Jersey 08360
October 12,1999
Tau Ah Taiguey Adanatiao,
Hello and Good  Day to All Our Relatives,
        It has been 507 years since our Taino National Homeland of the
   Caribbean, Bahama Islands and Florida were invaded and overthrown by the
   Spanish Europeans in 1493.  As peaceful people, we stood by and observed the
   destruction of our Atabey (Mother Earth) and our ancestral ceremonial
   grounds.  With chains on our hands and feet, we stood alone without the
   power to protect ourselves.  The souls of the Taino people cried out in pain
   and anguish as our daughters were being raped and our people became the
   victims of mass genocide.  A conservative estimate of three to six million
   Tainos died due to the intentional introduction of many new European
   diseases. Our ancestral blood fell upon our land like rain drops into a red
   river of blood, that was caused by the Spaniard's Bull Mastiff hunting dogs
   and their bloody Toledo swords. Many of our relatives of other Native American
   Nations do not remember our Taino People, the first nation to encounter Columbus
   on the morning of October 12, 1492, in the Caribbean Bahama Island of
   Guanahani (San Salvador).  We have been waiting patiently for the
   completion of our Taino 500 year prophecy.  The prophecy states that we the
   Taino people would reemerge after 500 years as a proud and noble
   Nation. This would come to pass within our traditional homelands in the sixth
   generation of our Arocoels (Elders or grandparents) in the year 1993.
        Presently, The Taino Jatibonicu (Great People of the Sacred High
   Waters) Tribe and its Tekesta  (People of the Good Earth) Tribal Band of
   Bimini (Mother of Many Waters, the original name of Florida in the Taino
   language)  must beg to our relatives of the other Tribes and Nations to come
   to our aid.  Our Taino ceremonial grounds in Bimini has fallen into the
   hands of a group of private business people.  We have been in a struggle to
   reaffirm and preserve our traditional Taino cultural heritage within our
   Bimini and Circum- Caribbean Island  homeland.  Our Tekesta Taino Tribal
   Band of Bimini Florida, currently is struggling to help gather the needed
   funding of 8.7 million dollars to buy back one of the most sacred and
   ancient ceremonial grounds found within North America. This site is better
   known in the local Florida newspapers, as The Miami Circle.

Get the FULL STORY  on our Environmental Page - click here
Native Page or Domestic Page


October 12, 1999
Protests against echelon in progress.
Euro's hate the concept.


got a Dutch email where the following URL was put in, together with
the announcement of actions against the echelon-email-filtering
vwar-stuff. Read Ellis' page for that, and follow the link, please.



Some hints on how echelon works


(een fragment uit de oproep:)

On October 21, 1999, netizens around the globe are implored to
send out at least one email with at least 50 keyword words.
You need not be privy to knowing exactly what words Echelon
uses. It is safe to assume that words  such as "revolution"
and "manifesto" and "revolt" [etc.] will work. Just be sure to
sound as subversive as possible. There isn't even any need to
write a cohesive paragraph or sentence. Echelon's computers
does not understand the language anyway. It only knows to look
for certain words. By doing this we can at least temporarily
jam the global surveillance system.

Get the FULL story and the Echelon Dictionary on our VWARS Pages! - click here!


October 12, 1999

-- Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

dismisses powerful army chief Gen. Parvez Musharraf and state
television goes off  air.
Pakistan army surrounds Islamabad airport and state-run
radio, TV, witnesses say.

Follow current updates and history of the Pakistani story by clicking over to:
Our Pakistan page covering this- Click here!


Oceti Sakowin: CPT leaving LaFramboise


  Oct. 11, 1999
  PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA: CPT Presence at Oceti Sakowin Camp
  Ends with Repeal of First Mitigation Act

  Christian Peacemaker Teams is ending its presence at the Oceti Sakowin Camp
  on La Framboise Island in South Dakota,following the repeal of the first
  Mitigation Act and a new focus by the Oceti Sakowin on other treaty issues
  impacting the Great Sioux Nation.

Get the FULL STORY - Click Here to our Native Page, South Dakota Page or Our Domestic Pages!


October 11, 1999
  The 'Donald' for president?

  Real estate developer Donald Trump, saying he wants  to reverse the
  American public's "lack of spirit" after the  scandals of the Clinton years,
  announced last week he will form a committee to  explore a run
  for the 2000 Reform Party presidential nomination. Speaking on CNN's
  "Larry  King Live," he insisted that he will run only if he's convinced he can
  actually capture the White House. But others dismissed a Trump candidacy
  as a result of the flamboyant Trump's massive ego.

More U.S. Politics?   Click HERE...


Peacekeepers kill East Timorese militiaman in clash

October 11, 1999
                   DILI, East Timor (CNN) --
                   Peacekeepers in East Timor killed a  member of a pro-Indonesian militia
                   in a confrontation near the border dividing the island, officers of the
                   multinational force there said Sunday.

FULL Update on our E -Timor Page - Click Here


Scientists have literally seen the world through cat's eyes

  By BBC News Online Science Editor Dr David Whitehouse

  In what is bound to become a much debated and highly controversial
  experiment, a team of US scientists have wired a computer to a cat's brain
  and created videos of what the animal was seeing.

  According to a paper published in the Journal of Neuroscience, Yang Dan,
  Garret Stanley and Fei Li of the University of California at Berkeley have
  been able to "reconstruct natural scenes with recognizable moving

Continue the Story on Our Domestic Page- Click Here


October 10, 1999
Papal Bulls Burning!

Movement to seek reconciliation of catholic
church and worlds indigenous peoples by removal of papal bulls,
the singlemost detrimental act against indigenous peoples in history.

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Sunday October 10
 CIA Reportedly Probing New York Virus Outbreak

 NEW YORK (Reuters) - The CIA is investigating whether a
 recent outbreak of West Nile-like fever in New York might
 have been an attempt at bio-terrorism, The New Yorker
 magazine reported Sunday.

 The virus, which killed five people and made at least 27 others
 ill, is believed to have been passed to people via mosquitoes
 that bit infected birds.

 Without quoting anyone directly at the Central Intelligence
 Agency, the magazine describes analysts there as having a
 ''whiff of concern'' that it might have been sent deliberately to
 the United States.

Full Story and more- Click over to Our Environmental Page or Our Domestic Page


October 10, 1999
National ID card on fast track
Transportation Department already making the rules

By David M. Bresnahan
Copyright 1998, WorldNetDaily.com
Like it or not, the day is fast approaching when every American will carry a national identification card. Those who do not have one will be denied many basic services.
Little notice was given to the issue in 1996 when Congress passed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. One section of the act requires all states to make their driver's licenses comply with certain guidelines found in Section 656 (b) of the act.

FULL Story ...Click Here to Domestic Historical Page


October 09, 1999 10:42 PM
Clinton invokes WWII plea for nuke treaty

CHICAGO (Reuters) - President Clinton  evoked the specter of the Depression
and World War II Saturday as he  renewed his plea for the Senate to
delay its vote next week on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons testing rather than
rushing into rejection.

                   ``The stakes are high. If our Senate rejected this treaty
outright, it would be the first time the Senate has rejected a treaty
since the Treaty of Versailles which established the League of Nations
after World War I,''  Clinton said.

 ``We all know what America's walking away from the world after World
War I brought us in the Depression and the second world war,'' Clinton
said in his weekly radio address, delivered live while visiting Chicago to speak at a   Hispanic conference.

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Press Release - Citizen's World Peace Accord
The World's Biggest Exercise in Free Speech and Peace

Development (a two year project) - For Immediate Release

October marks the launch of the Citizen's World Peace
Accord by PeaceZine

Contact Info:
Adam Ashworth President/Publisher PeaceZine
300 Borough Drive
P.O. Box 55318
Scarborough, Ontario
Canada M1P 4Z7
Toronto, Canada.

Get Schedules and full info on our International Historical Page


Jamaica's Catholic Church repents

  Oct 08 1999
  Source: Reuters
  Jamaica Church
  KINGSTON, Jamaica -- Jamaica's Catholic Church is going to
  repent for its role in the nation's history of slavery and
  genocide of the indigenous Arawak population.
  The Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston has issued a statement
  promising the day of repentance on October 17th.

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Mohawk leaders promise fight against plutonium

October 7, 1999

KAHNAWAKE, Que. (CP) - Mohawk leaders promised Friday
their communities will use "human resistance" to stop the
shipment of plutonium through native territory. Atomic
Energy of Canada is planning to move up to 50 tons of
fuel containing plutonium along the St. Lawrence Seaway
before it reaches its final destination of Chalk River,Ont.

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October 5, 1999
WOMEN:  Tampon makers include asbestos in tampons!

Why isn't this against the law since asbestos is so dangerous?

For the FULL article with facts and alternatives...CLICK HERE to our Environmental Pages.


November 1999 Leonard Peltier Freedom Month in
Washington DC--Calendar
Click here for full details-Leonard Peltier's Page
Lodging Details can be found HERE



  [Note: contents have not been verified...but seems urgent enough to be
sending due to the history of this resistance...Ish]


  This is the short version of everything that's going on because everything
is totally insane right now and I can't spend too much time on here. COME TO

  On Monday a tripod was set up in the middle of Interstate Highway 55 to
protest its proposed reroute. People then moved existing construction
barricades into the street to shut down the highway. The road was shut down
for blocks all day and we had a big ol' street party. One woman locked down
to a hauling truck and blocked the front gate of the construction site so
they couldn't do any more work.

Get the full story on the Mendota Page ...Click Here!!


Action Resource List
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999

Action Resource List - Here are several channels for getting the word out.
Resources for letter writing, telephone and e-mail.  Use for
action alerts, global issues, initiatives and public awareness.


Sun Singer web site:

For more Media Contacts....Click Here


September 1999
Issues for the Month



EDC AIM page is back up and running!  Check for frequent updates.
Check it out by clicking here...


CANADA: September 29, 1999

      VANCOUVER - A British Columbia judge handed Indian tribes a
      potentially significant victory in the battle over their rights to
      natural resources in timber and mineral-rich western Canada.
      Supreme Court judge William Davies said the province cannot proceed
      with a stop-logging order against Westbank First Nation without also
      resolving the issue of whether the tribe has a constitutional right to
      resources in its historic territory.
      Although the order is only the first step in what will likely be a
      lengthy legal battle, it is the latest in a series of court victories
      for Indians as they press for greater control over their historic
      lands in Canada.
      "It is exactly what we wanted," said Chief Ron Derrickson, of the
      Westbank band, which is located in the Okanagan Region of central
      British Columbia near Kelowna.
      Provincial officials went to court against the band when aboriginal
      loggers began cutting trees without a permit on public-owned land
      within what the Westbank people consider their historic territory.


  Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 17:03:21 GMT
Army tightens noose around Zapatistas

  MEXICO CITY (IPS)-The poorly armed and outnumbered Zapatista guerrillas will
  not stand a chance if the Mexican army is ordered to attack, say analysts in
  Mexico. Tens of thousands of soldiers have been staked out in the southern
  state of Chiapas, despite protests by politicians of all stripes and both
  local and international rights groups.

CHIAPAS has it's own page...get the full story here!


Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 23:16:34 -0700 (PDT)
AIM Press Release SD March

  From the Offices of:  AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT
  E-mail Address: AIM4JUSTCE@aol.com
  Dear Friends,
            Nowa Cumig AKA Dennis Banks and myself  have  just returned  from
  the Walk for Justice in Rapid City, SD. The walk and subsequent  meetings
  and events were extremely successful.  This success would not have been
  possible without your prayers, support and messages of good wishes,
  which continue to strengthen us and all of Indian country.
  The walk organized at Roosevelt Park in Rapid City about 10 am. with
  speeches by Nowa Cumig and several others. There was a heavy
  media and police  presence.
  The marched began about 11am and moved from the park to
  the federal building in Rapid.
  At the federal building speeches regarding the deaths in Rapid, White
  Clay, Mobridge as well as other places were addressed.
  Nowa Cumig was the main speaker and was very motivating as usual.
  The walk  continued on to the Pennington County Courthouse where
  more speeches were delivered.
  Many people drove by and honked or waved their support. The march then
  continued on to the Rapid City Police Station but stopped on the way
  to sing & drum traditional songs outside the jail for the benefit of the
  prisoners inside. At the Police station more speeches and statements
  were made. Afterwards the march returned to Roosevelt Park and we
  regrouped at the Oyate Center in Lakota Village in the northern section
  of Rapid City. During the march the Rapid City Police were respectful
  and accommodating, and in my view were not intimidating at all. ( No I'm
  not on drugs ).

For the FULL story click over to the South Dakota page!


Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 17:06:26 EDT
Brewer Gets Death Penalty

  Brewer get death penalty for murder 
  Supremacist dragged a black man to his death in  rural Texas
  Associated Press
  BRYAN, Texas, Sept. 23 - A white supremacist was sentenced Thursday to die
  by lethal injection for dragging a black man to his death on a rural road.
  Lawrence Russell Brewer is the second man to get the death penalty for the
  June 7, 1998, killing of James Byrd Jr., who was chained to the bumper of a
  pickup truck and dragged for three miles along a bumpy country road
  northeast of Jasper.

FULL STORY with Details Click over to DOMESTIC


Leonard Peltier Freedom Month

  A special call to all American Indians of all  Nations:
  Help in making a strong statement/showing of native representation by
  joining the ceremonial runners on this journey from Philadelphia
  to Washington, D.C.!




  Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 02:18:35 -0700
   To everyone,
   I just got a message from Rita Sebastian that the  BIA confiscated 30 sheep
   and 3 horses belonging to Rena Babbitt Lane, and are holding them at Keams
   Canyon. Rena was also threatened by the BIA who told her that if she signs
   the "Accommodation Agreement" she'll get a permit to keep some of her
   animals, but if she doesn't sign, the BIA will confiscate ALL her livestock
   in 5 days.

Get the entire story here!


American Indians protest in  Rapid City

  Thu, Sep. 23, 1999 
American Indian activists are keeping a pledge to call attention to what they say is racism in South  Dakota. About 100 people marched Tuesday in Rapid City. Another   protest
is scheduled today in Pine Ridge.

Full Story Click Here


*** Log on and bookmark it now ! ***

The Midwest Treaty Network (MTN) is an alliance of
grassroots Native and non-Native groups that has supported
treaty rights and tribal sovereignty since 1989.
The website and pages are provided by the Alpha Institute at
www.alphacdc.com/treaty . But now, an easily remembered
shortcut to this homepage is at:

(or simply):

This does NOT CHANGE the URL of the Contents page at
http://www.alphacdc.com/treaty/content.html or any other
pages on the MTN website.

More....click here



   Expansion of Medicine Wheel site suggested

   Gazette Wyoming Bureau
   Sept. 1999
   LOVELL, Wyo. - A new study of traditional Native American use of the Medicine Wheel
   National Historic Landmark in the Bighorn Mountains concludes that for American Indians,
   the site's cultural values extend far beyond the ancient stone structure to envelop the entire
   "spiritual landscape" of Medicine Mountain.



Mending the Circle
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 16:08:08 -0700

<+=<+KOLA Newslist<+=<+

National Coalition on Racism in Sports and the Media
PO Box 337, Urbana, IL 61803. 217 355 6757 phone/fax. Crue@uiuc.edu

Presents its Third Annual Symposium:
Mending the Circle
October 15th-17th 1999
Wesley Foundation
1203 W. Green Street
Urbana, IL 61801

Find out more here......


Crucial photographic evidence implicates Indonesian Military Complicity regarding executions of  E. Timor Children -  US/RUSSIA Agree on shared First Launch Data
World Wide - Major leap in Geo-Pol Military Alliance.

For more info on these and other International Stories please click over to
" International Historicals"


Subscriber's Efforts Get Presidential Audience

One of our earliest subscribers and issues we brought public has recently had some outstanding news.
She just posted this on our guest book and what a refreshing thing to read.  Which goes to show that
anyone with the right approach can get anywhere and accomplish anything.  Way to go Carrie.

Get the FULL story on the Domestic News and Views Page ...Click HERE


U.S., Russia Will Share Early Warning Missile Launch Data

By Linda D. Kozaryn
American Forces Press Service

MOSCOW -- American service members have stood vigilant for years against a possible Russian missile attack, and this year, Russians will stand watch with them -- on U.S. soil.Defense Secretary William S. Cohen and Russian Defense Minister Marshal Igor Sergeyev signed an agreement Sept. 13 to establish the Center for Year 2000 Strategic Stability at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo. U.S. military officials will provide missile warning information to Russian observers, Cohen said at the defense ministry here. "We will also give them other real-time, operational information about potentially destabilizing events, such as airspace violations that could result from the Y2K computer challenge," he said.

FULL STORY  Click Here ...International Historicals News And Views


Text on a Letter of Negotiated Settlement Regarding Cyprus

Sept. 10. 1999
Expect from our Euro Desk a very refreshing and important
update on this very issue soon.  There is a real beginning of
a significant break-out of peace in this region and I believe we
may be the first anywhere to report it.  Stay tuned.
What a wonderful concept...   Peace breaking out all over.

Check it out on the
International Historicals News and Issues Page HERE...


South Dakota weather report

According to the weather report (for Pine Ridge) predictions
Monday - mostly sunny, high of 63, low of 33
Tuesday - sunny, high of 64, low of 32
Wednesday - sunny, high of 67, low of 31
I think you get the idea of what the weather is doing there.
It's getting cold.  BTW - the wind today was around 25-30 MPH,
currently it's 8 MPH.

Get the FULL STORY and how YOU can help HERE....


Geraldo Rivera examines how women are treated in prison.

Sept. 8 - This year, 150,000 women are in our country's prisons and
jails,  three times more than a decade ago. Increasingly, women are alleging
sexual  abuse and harassment while in prison.

On Friday, September 10 (10-11 p.m. ET), NBC News presents "Women In
Prison:  Nowhere to Hide," a hard-hitting,  hour-long special reported by Geraldo
Rivera, that explores the growing  problems women face while serving
time in  America's prisons and whether our  government is doing enough to protect
female inmates.

Catch the full story HERE or Go to our NEW Domestic News and Views Page!



Issues for the Month




AMERI-ADVOCATE and ONE GLOBAL ONE have now opened two affiliate
offices, AMSTERDAM and NEW ZEALAND which now enables us to provide
coverage 24 hours a day for three continents.  In the spirit of 
critical information distribution and participation in political
actions, we're all on the move in pushing the humanist agenda 
forward into the next millennia.
Keep your eyes open for new pages, alliances and commentaries
from our new Bureau's and a hearty welcome to the front to our
new personnel.  

FINALLY! The first photo's from the EDC-AIM Spirit Walk 99'
have arrived and the first ones are up and online.  These
feature their adventures at the United Nations with the 
other Lakota Delegation led by Alfred Boneshirt (who got
the only standing ovation of the entire seminar and who
swung the closing celebration ceremonies to honoring 
Della and her walkers.

Click over for photos and details 

"United Nations 1 " 

"United Nations 2 " 

" United Nations 3 " 

"United Nations 4 " 

"United Nations 6 " 


Long Over-Due, the latest series of VIRUS WARS information and 
documentation on the biggest Global Conspiracy since the Vatican's 
Collusion with Spain.  

If your unfamiliar with the story, start from the bottom and 
work your way to the top.  If you've been anxiously awaiting 
this update, start in the middle.  This is nothing short of 
amazing and frightening at the same time.  

Welcome to the VWARS, brought to you by most powerful Military 
Industrial Complex Consortium on Earth. Designed to own, 
infiltrate and manipulate every means of communication and economic 
transaction on this planet and any other for that matter 
(available only where applicable and products may not be available 
in some selected solar systems - void where prohibited - Federal, 
State and local taxes may apply).  

If you ever wondered what shook Serbia's nerve and enticed them 
to surrender when months of bombing failed, this will open your 
eyes to the latest game in Geo-Political warfare.

For more detail on this click over to "Virus - Hacking Wars"


The latest Press releases and assorted releases on specific related material regarding South Dakota events can be found on our Pine Ridge and Native Issues News section. CAMP JUSTICE DECLARATION, WHITE CLAY 9 GO TO COURT, MOBRIGE REMEMBERED AND MORE.
Click over for details "PRNEWS" and for the latest updates on these events. _________________________________________________________________

AmAdvTF@Onelist.com is now the operative arm of the two
lists for volunteers who wish to more actively participate
in the political struggles our lists are involved in.  
If you want more hands on activity in getting the issues
addressed that we're following, drop a note on the guest
book and we'll get you on board. We're beginning discussions
on which issues to address and what strategies we should
initiate each night at 9PM EST at egroups conference area
and through the T.F. list.  Now is the time to get your
input in.


Photo's and travelogue of this month's long effort will be coming
soon.  A mighty three cheers for Della Eastman and her
bravery in accomplishing this feat and to the support 
volunteer staff who worked endless hours, put their homes,
their fortune's and their lives on the line to see Della's
dream come true.  Words are cheap and thoughts useless, but
in Della's case and those who unceasingly put all to the test,
actions are the only thing that counts.  They all put their
money where their mouths are and all should be highly honored
in seeing this goal accomplished safely and successfully.

In the entire effort there was only one causality where one
of our support staff had their vehicle damaged.  Considering
the distances, the opposition and the inherent danger involved
in this kind of activity, this in itself is a testimony to the
support staff's tremendous efforts at covering the bases for
these brave individuals as they crossed this less then hospital

In addition to the support staff we would also like to thank 
AIM-CHICAGO for their tremendous effort at providing security 
coverage while they crossed through this volatile area, 

Spirit Catcher who single-handedly broke the Media Black Out in 
Ohio and who's organization provided fuel, fanfare and shelter
during their stay; 

James Spirit Wolf in Western Penn. and his organization who 
housed, fed and provided absolutely first rate coverage through 
their journey through PA and managed some of the most complex 
and complicated troubles to date with ease and obvious skill;

the same goes for Heather Spirit Wolf of Eastern PA and who's 
organization's efforts to assist the reservations is still ongoing 
and impressive to say the least; 

the Rosebud Lakota Contingent including Alfred Boneshirt who 
not only obtained the only standing ovation at the United Nations 
but provided the featured closing U.N. Ceremonies Lakota Honor 
Song event to Della and her walkers; 

Debbie, Joe, Jim and Lauren who provided a simply wonderful final 
staging area for the final segment of this SPIRIT WALK in the 
beautiful surrounds of the Virginia countryside.  Their hospitality, 
support and genuine fondness made the final days of this effort worth 
every minute of hardship all had endured for so many weeks and brought 
a perfect end to such a long hard road. 

Lastly and most importantly, to James Farrar, aka Mighty Hunter who 
provided so much assistance in so many way's that to list them here 
would be a web page in and of itself.  To the families and friends
who patiently waited and supported those who were engaged in the walk
or were in active support of the walk, we will never be able to thank
you enough for your patience while all those personal tasks and 
necessities were left undone, unaddressed and ignored.  It was a big
sacrifice and one we all appreciate. Your loved ones efforts during
this moment in their lives was nothing short of heroic and could not
have been accomplished without your support and tolerance of their 

It is quite simply people as listed above that makes this rock we call 
Earth and our species worthwhile or even salvageable.  If everyone had 
the selflessness, the initiative and the courage that these above possess, 
there would not be a single problem left on this rock to address.  
Spirits like these are what keep us all just this side of the apocalypse 
in my humble opinion and it has been an honor to have been associated 
with them all.

The value of Della's effort will be resounding for months to come.  
A radio news crew from New Yorks State Capitol is on site at Fromboise 
Island (if not right now, very shortly) and hopefully if AIM follows 
up, Camp Justice as well.  Requests for information continue to flow 
in and if the point of this Spirit Walk was to gain attention to these 
issues then there is no doubt that in this effort she has succeeded 
far beyond expectations.

AMERI-ADVOCATE and ONE GLOBAL ONE salute Della Eastman and
EDC-AIM for a simply spectacular success on behalf of all
who wish to see justice done and a resolution to the Native
American Issues that have remained ignored for so long.  Well
Done Della.  My hero.

Ellis Smith  - Ameri-Advocate/One Global One


Your advocating activities are needed
now to help stop the FORCED RELOCATION of the Big Mountain
Dineh from their homes and their land.
Click over to 
"BLACK MESA" for the latest updates on these events.


AA/ONE GLOBAL ONE member who recently in June lobbied
Congress and the House of Representatives over the fiasco
and disaster of TRICARE, the failure of the Military to
honor it insurance obligations to ACTIVE MILITARY PERSONNEL
has a web site built and dedicated to rectifying this 
atrocity.  Please go over and fill out her forms so she
can force the idiots in the Military to honor their 
obligations to our Military Personnel's dependents.

Click over to for details 
"TRICARE" and for the latest updates on these events.


JUST IN! Transcript of Clinton and company's conversations
while visiting a home in Pine Ridge.
Transcript of Clinton's speech at Pine Ridge and the
latest news releases are on board. Check here often
as these are updated as soon as they get in.
Click over to Pine Ridge News for details 
"PRNEWS" and for the latest updates on these events.

AIM TAKES White Clay Nebraska - 
Repossessed by Oglala Sioux
by terms in 1868 Treaty. CAMP JUSTICE Established and AIM
Vows to Stay until Justice is Served.
Click over to Pine Ridge News for details 
"PRNEWS" and for the latest updates on these events.

Our new name is ONE GLOBAL ONE and the only change in our 
demeanor or content is simply going to be MORE, FASTER!  
Free Speech and Advocacy with this medium and in this day 
in age is a natural marriage.  We strive to make it a lasting 
and successful one.




Unbelievable response from Nebraska State Police regarding Pine Ridge/White Clay events. Rather then attempting to apprehend the murderer's they are actively engaged in tracing the sources of information in reporting the tragedy. Strange, inhuman, devoid of morality or any kind of positive human trait that we'd normally expect from men with guns charged with protecting the population, but true. Unless of course they already know who the perpetrators are and know they present no threat to "their" community. Complicity?

Click over to "NEBRASKA STATE POLICE RESPOND? HA!" for this unbelievable but sadly true exchange.


PINE RIDGE RELIEF shipping contact addresses available now. A list of materials desperately needed and where to send them or what you can do.

Click over to "PINE RIDGE HELP" for the latest updates. _____________________________________________________________

MEDIA CONTACT PAGE UP - IF YOU HAVE CONTACTS AND WANT TO HELP EMAIL OR SIGN GUESTBOOK WITH NOTE. From this page you can help email the media to demand coverage regarding the tragedy in Pine Ridge/White Clay and the Government to see to it the issue is addressed. This is very important, please get your voices heard by emailing, faxing and calling daily.

Click over to "MEDIA/GOVT" for the latest updates. _____________________________________________________________

Nebraska Politics go ballistic over Governor and Pine Ridge Native Leadership. Which Native leaders, Grassroot Elders or "Elected" to meet?
Democrats/Republicans trade accusations over handling of matter. Latest News releases on Pine Ridge available regarding the this and the rally.

Click over to "PINE RIDGE NEWS CLIPS" for the latest updates on these events. _____________________________________________________________

DINEH' ELDERS' Professional Witness Camp Receive 15 day Expulsion ORDER - B.I.A. Bullies Heat up an already potentially violent and threatening atmosphere.

Click over to "BLACK MESA" for the latest updates on these terrible events.

Call Hopi Tribal Chairman Wayne Taylor or his Chief of staff Eugene Kaye at 520-734-2441 x107.

Tell him this camp is only educational, nor poses a threat to anyone.
Please not remove Arlene Hamilton from Hopi Partitioned Land.
We must take action now so that this doesn't set a precedent so inform all you know and have them call too and forward this message. _____________________________________________________________

A.A. Subscriber Travels to Washington - Lobby's for Military Dependents Denied of Medical Coverage.

Click over to "Insurance Issues" for the latest updates on this tragic story. _____________________________________________________________

U. S. Dept. of the Interior and B.I.A. go to court over mis-management of Native Trust Funds. A heart wrenching story that's finally getting its day in court.

Click over to "Native Issues Historicals" .


A.A. subscribers orchestrate caravan's of relief supplies for Eastern AIM South Dakota and neighboring areas destroyed by spring tornadoes. Tents, Food, Blanket's, Generator's arrive and / or are in transit via TN, Mich. and NJ with more coming on board the effort every day.

Click over to "Land Issues" .


Military Denies Cyber-War Actual Weapon -
Only in Lab Stage - Welcome to the LAB!

For more detail on this click over to "Virus - Hacking Wars"


The past month has been frantic in both National and Global
affairs.  Some of the successes of the past month have been
scooping the BBC by 6 days and CNN by 7 days the shooting
war between Pakistan and India; more frequent visitors from
assorted agencies of the US Military, US Government and a wide
selection of agencies from Israel, France, Netherlands and

Our efforts at exposing the International Law Enforcement Technology
Seminar (ILETS), the software development and use of Data
Interception and Recovery Technology (DIRT) and a companion operation
called "Echelon" are now being investigated by a House/Senate
Subcommittee along with more mainstream media circles such as
Newsweek.  This is being compiled now along with our own year long
investigation and should be available here in the very near future.
This is definitely something to keep your eye out for so check back
here often or join the distribution list for the latest updates.

For more detail on this click over to
"Virus - Hacking Wars"



The protection of the Mendota Minnesota Sacred Sites has not
however fared well.  Although many have given, supported and
advocated strongly, the I-55 by-pass is still in progress.
This topic is, I am quite sure, going to keep coming up and
we've been very vocal at bringing this issue to the attention
of millions worldwide. It is a shame though that rampant
ignorance is still such a prevailing disease in the world
today.  I hope our continued efforts at educating the populations
at large that they may come to see the light. Namely that a
sacrilegious attack upon one culture is a sacrilegious attack
upon them all.

Click over
to "Mendota  Issues" for the latest updates 
 visit "AICS"
for info and details.


Of more concern are the two ongoing attempts at ethnic cleansing in 
the criminal states of South Dakota and Arizona.  These two issues 
have become exceedingly important to us at the Ameri-Advocate 
especially in light of NATO and their self-righteous attempt to bomb
into the stone age the Serbian nation for perpetuating the very same
crimes the U.S. is engaged in itself. 

For more detail go to "Land Issues".  


The Dineh Navajo in Arizona have a February 2000 deadline to be 
"vacated" from their homeland.  With this deadline impending and the
host of atrocities involved in "motivating" these mostly elderly 
people to voluntarily give up their possessions and homes has made us
determined to bring this hypocritical chapter in modern American 
History to a successful and righteous close.  

For more detail on this issue go to "Black Mesa".  

or for additional information go to the following links.


"SOL Communications".


The Lakota Sioux have their hands full on many fronts but most
notably our friends in Eastern AIM are battling the State of
South Dakota as attempts the physical relocation of about 2000
residents from their homes and land.  South Dakota is in the process
of "acquiring" 200,000 acres of Sioux land and their "motivational" 
methods have simply defied description.

If there was ever an obvious genocide attempt on a people, the
criminal Government of South Dakota deserves a prize.  When
failing to freeze them to death this winter failed they then 
proceeded to shut off their communications and food shipments. 

This is an issue that like the Dineh', we are not prepared to let 
fade into obscurity nor give in that readily or easily.

For more detail on this and updates on the domestic fronts that 
the Ameri-Advocate has been supporting...   
Please click over to "Land Issues" . 


Eastern AIM having had the power, communications and phone cut are no 
longer available online but we have kept in close contact with them.
Also, the Ameri-Advocate is proud to have helped put together a 
caravan that is traveling to the front lines of this event come June 
complete with supplies, assistance and first hand reports. Yet 
another reason to check here often as the Sioux story is no where near over.

Lastly,  Dances with Derelicts, Kevin Costner has decided to build a 
huge recreational complex with his brother on...you guessed it, Sioux 
Territory by treaty (which was in fact recently upheld by the Supreme
Court no less).  How much is enough for these gringo's?  Since when 
does the State of South Dakota feel it no longer has to abide by the 
Supreme Court?  Nation under Law?  How about a nation under siege 
from within by renegade criminals bent on the annihilation of 
sovereign peoples, the poor, the disenfranchised and anyone else who
just happens to be in the way?  A little strong?  No, I don't think 
so.  Follow along and you'll see there's far more going on then meets
the eye.

Please click over to ...

"Land Issues" . 


"Costner Petition"



Then there is the Contrail/Chemtrail conspiracy. This has
been reported for the past few years but suddenly it is
becoming obvious that something is seriously going on and
to which the only reply from the US Military has been
"no comment due to National Security".  These bizarre
spaying/trails are now showing up on the east coast
from NY to Florida, they have been reported on reservations
for years not to mention California and Washington State.
So, the question is no longer, are they real, where are 
they spraying... but rather,  where haven't they sprayed?

For the detail on this please click over to ...

"Contrails News & Issues".  

Military Dependent Insurance
     Racism in the workplace
        Petitions and items of interest

So this month look forward to updates on these above and
of course the follow ups and updates to the previous issues
ranging from KOHL's racism in the workplace to the U.S.
MILITARY's refusal to cover the medical care expenses
of their soldiers families.  This is an issue that boggles
the mind as our children are off in a shooting war and these
folks can't even fulfill their obligations to their families
while they're away.

Click over to "Insurance Issues" for the latest updates on
this tragic story.  

Or click over to  "Contents" for a complete list of site

Have a happy summer , enjoy , be safe and ACTIVATE.

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