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This is Our Sister Andrea!

Andrea graduated from Tazewell High School in 1994 and attended Concord College.

While she was a student there she learned just how dangerous rugby is. Following a spinal injury that left her parilized from the waist down for three weeks (She was very lucky) she was able to return to college.

While at college she changed from adoring cows

to loving frogs.

Andrea has always been beautiful.

Don't you just love her hair?

Andrea was a Girl Scout from first grade until she graduated. In High School she earned her Gold Award.

When she was a little girl she loved POOH!

She played drums in the Tazewell High School Band and made All Region.

If you want to hear her scream just show her a spider!

Ask Andrea what happens when ou forget to renew your car tags and it is two minutes past midnight January 1, 2000.

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