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Come on a MagicalAGICALmusicalMUSICAL Journey

As you travel, just click on the
coloured musical notes
(and the pictures)
to hear the music...

BEGIN Our Journey Begins...

Once upon a time, far away in the depths of the woodland,
(far beyond the mushroom border),

there was a princess who lived castlein a castle
(of course!).. click on the castle for "castle music"...
with her Father, (who just happened to be the King of the Fairies).

But Princess WillowWand Princess WillowWandwas very sad,
for she wanted only one thing...
to be a true fairy, with magic powers and the ability to fly..
Her wings were lovely to look at, but however hard she tried,
she couldn't get one inch off the ground!

And why, you ask, was this?
Well, you see, her Father (being rather over-protective)
was afraid she was too young to handle the responsibility...
(Today it would be equivalent to learning how to drive a car :)

Anyway, he absolutely refused to grant her
the magic powers she needed.

So one day she and Fred fred ... this is Fred ...
set out to find someone with powers mightier
than those of the fairy king.
(In those days, fairy princesses tended to have pet frogs
instead of dogs, you see)

OH, the adventures they encountered along the way!
They wandered into a tiny village fair, where they met a gypsy
AND a highwayman...

(just click on the musical notes to hear the music)

Scarborough FairScarborough Fair
Gypsy Rover the Gypsy Rover
The Highwayman The Highwayman

Willow and Fred wandered for many weeks...
Foggy Dew thro rain and foggy dew
until one day, treetalking treesin the forest of talking trees,

they metmagic mouseMarvin..the Magic Mouse...
who listened sympathetically to Willow's story...

He smiled, in the way that Mice do, and informed her
that she had passed the King's test!...
It also turned out that Marvin had been sent by her Father
into the forest to find her. it was a TEST, was it?
and you thought she'd just been wicked
and ran away! nope...

She had proven she was worthy of her wings.
When the smoke cleared, smokePrincess WillowWandLo and behold!
her wings carried her high above the forest...

and Willow and Fred ...and Marvin
and of course her Father, the King...
lived happilyToday ever after!

Just right-click on any of the midi files to save them for yourself,
to listen to later!

"Look to the Rainbow"
Click here for sing-along..

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