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The firefly and Wizard have noticed that a number of visitors to the "magic" pages arrive in search of "shapes". Never let it be said that we don't try to please our guests - this is a page of links to sites about shapes. We hope you'll find this useful.

just click on a this is a triangle triangle to visit the "shapes"

Basic PatternsBasic Shape Patterns
BBC BBC School
Buzzing with Shapes Buzzing with Shapes (shockwave)
DLTK's shapesDLTK's Learning our Shapes
Etch-a-Sketch "Etch-a-sketch" Shapes
Fisher-Price Fisher-Price Colors and Shapes
Fractions Fractions using shapes (java applet)
Fun with Shapes Fun with Shapes
Home2Learn Activities Home2Learn Activities
Kayleigh's Playground Kayleigh's Playground (with farm shapes)
Little Fingers Lil Fingers Shapes to Draw
Match the Shapes Match the Shapes (shock-wave required)
shapes Mrs. Reedy's Art Lessons
Optical Illusions Optical Illusions Using Shapes
Patrick's Kindergarten class Patrick's Kindergarten Class shapes
Sammy's Shapes Sammy's Shapes
Sesame Street Sesame Street Shapes
Molecules Shapes of Molecules
Shapes in our World Shapes in our World
Signs Sign Shapes
Signs of the Zodiac Signs of the Zodiac
Simple Shapes to Color
Storyplace Shapes Storyplace Shapes
Sunshine Room Sunshine Room Shapes
Sunshine Sunshine Room Links to Shapes
Teaching Ideas Teaching Ideas - How Many Shapes?
Clusters Theme Clusters
A Web Lesson A Web Lesson on Shapes


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