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At the end of Chapter 1, the Masked Marvel had fallen from the storage tank and crashed into the burning delivery truck loaded with the highly flammable Nitrolene.  Chapter 2 begins with the Masked Marvel rushing quickly out of the truck before it explodes.  Safe once again!!

In Chapter 2, the Masked Marvel tracks the Nitrolene to a chemical company.  Sakima's henchmen are loading more Nitrolene onto a boat in order to cover up how much was stolen from the chemical company.

The Masked Marvel and Alice give chase.

The Masked Marvel jumps onto the villian's boat . . . .

  . . . and a fight ensues, with the boat speeding out of control.

The boat heads straight for the dock . . . . . 

  . . . and crashes in flames.  How will our hero escape?

You'll have to wait until next week to find out!!