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My arms reach out to the sun, seeking warmth. But, instead I am washed in rain. The sturdy roots of my being hold me steady as the storm seems intent on my destruction. Soon a warm column of sun alights on my purple flowers causing rain drops to turn into millions of miniature rainbows. Slowly, I am warmed and invigorated by the sun's brilliancy and my soft green leaves and flower buds proudly display their beauty, which seems all the greater after weathering the storm.



The soothing light of an afternoon sun sprinkles delicate shadows around my huge trunk and roots. The pure light goes on to intermingle with my small green leaves.

Behind the shadows' curtains I hide the marks and bruises I have received from storm after storm which I have steadfastly weathered without annihilation.

Every once in awhile a crowd of men surrounds me, tearing away a bit of my life as they cruelly cut away my sturdy branches...And I am sad.

But, soon they leave and the sweet sound of children's voices draws closer. In no time at all they are scrambling all over me, shouting with glee...And I am happy.

Eventually the day will fall into darkness as night begins its evening shift. Yet, I will not sleep beneath the star studded sky. Instead, I'll stand tall and alert as sleep softly comes to the nests of the birds who live under the shelter of my leaves. So, as the moon's soft glow drops shadows of lace on my boughs I watch and I wait for morning's first light.



Negative space wraps around the trees positive space, which has grown to form a right angle. A hollowed trunk rises vertically out of the ground then branches to the right. This and the ground form three-sides of a rectangle filled with air. Yet, at the same time it forms a frame for the leaves, in varying shades of green found on other plants thar are far back in the rectangle's depths.


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©May, 1998--Heather Dozier

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