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How To Use A Transloader

What is A Server?

       Before we get into transloading, you need to learn about servers. Web servers are sites that store your gifs (images), midi's (music) and where you can make webpages. You cannot transload unless you have a server.

       For webtv, you can transload to your scrapbook. Click on Webtv Transloader and store it in your "Favorites Folder". It is best to put it on one of your FKeys located in your "Favorites". If you would like to know how to get the url of an image out of your scrapbook to link to or to transload to another server, go here. To learn more about pagebuilding for Webtv go to Your Office Space Scroll down and click on "Webtv Room".

      There you will find all different kinds of tutorials. You may want to get another server until you have time to study all the tutorials. Pagebuilder is not easy, when other servers tend to be. Also, you cannot save any midi's in your scrapebook. You have to link to another server for your webpages and email.

  • is an excellent server. Has lots of space if you like to build, but you cannot link midi's to your email. Yes it will work when you first link to it, but when you turn the web off and on again you will loose your midi. Do not click on SiteBuilder, Free Form or File Manager. These are for computors. Click on WEB TV AREA only and things should be fairly easy from then on. I find tripods editor easier to work with then most.

  • is much more difficult to learn, but you can still link midi's to your email from there. There is an excellent tutorial at Minimoo's Angelfire Tutorial.

  • is another server that allows linking.

  • Free Webpage View is excellent source to seach for free webpages and tells you what their megabites are and more. Now find a server and come back to this page to learn transloading or continue on and familarize youself with the freeloader.

The Transloader

           Click on ~~>Freeloaderand put it on one of your F-Keys. Below I have a copy of the freeloader. I used table codes to build it and it does not transload anything. It just looks like it will. If you click on anything you will be transported right back here. I did this to learn tables. It sure is easier to learn something if you can practice.

           As you arrive on the Freeloader, you will find 3/4 of the page talking about joining and the cost. Ignore all of this and scroll down to the bottom. The Freeloader is free.

  1. The first thing you see is Load Cookies. Cookies is like a memory. Once you have saved your Cookies, you can reload the freeloader on your next visit. This saves you time. If you have two or more servers, you can save each one. If you don't save them before 180 days are up, you will loose your cookies. To save your cookies scroll down to the bottom of the freeloader and click on save. No, not on this one, on the real one; but you can scroll down to my freeloader and find Load Cookies and Save Cookies

  2. Next is Your Homepage URL. This is optional but I would learn to put it in for some loaders require it. Every server will have your URL listed somewhere on their site. It will always start with http://.

    • Tripod's URL looks like: http://
      . Notice the squiggly thing before grandma. Weird huh!! Well, it goes before whatever your login name is.

    • Angelfire's URL looks like: When you join angelfire you will choose a login consisting of two words. So yours will take the place of country/home.

    • Geocities URL looks like: No squiggly line on this one. Just use your login name.

    Now you can scroll down to my freeloader and practice putting your URL in. You can delete the one I have in and put your own in.

  3. The next area to fill in is File to be Copied which is required. When you leave an image and arrive at the transloader, this line will be filled in for you. You will notice that I have a midi in there. Yes, you can transload a midi. Write this down if you are on webtv:

    • You must have the music playing to copy it, then
    • Click on go to
    • Click on show last
    • Be sure the cursor is in the black retangular box.
    • Click on cmd and A key
    • Click on cmd and C key
    • Bring it to the transloader and use cmd and V key to paste it in File to be Copied area.

    With midi's you just need to copy and paste them instead of arriving there with it all filled in.

  4. The next line is FTP Server Info:, which is required. This is real easy. You just type in one of the below.

  5. Next is the User Login:, also, required. Use whatever you login with at your server. Do not put that squiggly line in for tripod. I login as grandma (well, not really, but that is shorter then my real one). Go down to my freeloader and put your login name on that line.

  6. Of course, you have a password at your server. Type in whatever your password is. Since you can't see the password, it is best to type it in carefully. All that will show is .........! Might be a good idea to write your password down somewhere you can't loose it.

  7. Next is Subdirectory: if any. When you set up your directories and subdirectories, it is best to name subdirectories images, midi and backs. That way when you get a build up of images, midi's and backgrounds, you will have them more organized. Now when you fill in this line just type in the subdirectory's name. I typed in midi, because I wanted to transfer a midi to that subdirectory.

  8. Next is New Name for File: and this is required. The name MUST be different from the one you are copying. Otherwise if the original is sugarshack.mid you have to change it. I changed it to SugarShack.mid. All I do is captilize things, but remember that is the way you have to type it in on your webpage.

  9. Almost finished. Where it reads Up it at any of the Freeloaders below is where you click to transload. There are four transloaders. You can use any one of them. Sometimes one is busy or you have used it less then five minutes ago and it won't let you use it again yet.

  10. Where it says You do not have the required cookie for the supporters freeloader, ignore it. Mabe they use chocolet chip cookies or possibly that is where you have to join to use these.

  11. Then there is a scratch pad, which I have fond no use for. If you happen to get this far, please sign my quest book below; and let me know if this site was some use to you.

  12. Last is the save cookies and dump cookies. I already explained save cookies; and, if your cookies ever get stale, you may want to dump them. Now you have all the lines filled up on my freeloader, just copy them, click on your FKey you stored the real freeloader on, type everything in and click on the save cookies button or go find something to transload and then fill everything in. Visit Your Office Space and find more tutorials and fun stuff.

[Load cookies: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #8]
Your Homepage base URL:(optional)
File to be copied:(required)

FTP server info
FTP server info:(required)
User login:(required)
Subdirectory:(if any)
New name for file: (required)
UP it at any of the Freeloaders below

You do not have the required cookie for the
Supporters Freeloaders. I use cookies to allow
Scratch Pad
[Save cookies: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #8]
[Dump cookies: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #8]

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