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Since October 26, 1997.

Time is now:
It was an early rainy morning in June -85. We went by bus from the Swedish town Gävle for an 8 hours journey to Gothenburg. We were very thrilled and were looking forward to visit Bruce Springsteen's performance there. It was me and my husbands first visit to a Bruce Springsteen concert, so it was really exiting...

But it rained whole day long and we were a bit worried about that. We arrived to Gothenburg about 5.30. There were a lot of people there this day and it was a very festive atmosphere around the stadium, New Ullevi.We bought Springsteen t-shirts and other souvenirs from this special day.

Suddenly it stopped raining and the sun brought throughout the clouds...A huge rainbow showed up as a sign from the skies...The performances started and we had some great hours there when we sang , danced, jumped ,(we almost tore down the stadium that night) laughed and 65000 people were together in friendship and joy.

Did you know that almost every second person in Sweden have a Bruce Springsteen record? That is an evidence on how popular he is in Sweden and he visit Sweden every single time that he is out on a tour. He was here recently and was interviewed in Swedish television and he said that he will come here next year (1999) when he have started a new tour and guess who will hang on the lock to get tickets?

This picture below are from the stage and the background is pictured from an helicopter that night.

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